How to Live Without Your Partner

There are people who feel that their romantic partner is everything to them. The moment someone expresses the phrase ‘I can’t live without you’ to another person, even though it seems like a statement of the authenticity of love, the reality is very different. Sometimes it shows dependence. It begins progressively, when you begin to feel something stronger for a person. Faced with this type of situation and thoughts, the person becomes more and more dependent and feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness set in. 

How to Live Without Your Partner 

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Emotional independence is essential and you can achieve that by getting out of your comfort zone. Accepting new challenges and starting to date different people can be the key to working on your self-esteem and confidence. In this way, you can see that you can even live without a partner your whole life if you propose to (even if you don’t want to). 

2. Work on your self-esteem

Analyzing your interior more and trying to heal it will be a job that you must do if you feel that you are part of insecure people. In these cases you should try to see your defects, accept them and work to improve them and enhance your virtues. Through all this work on yourself, you will be able to put aside thoughts that you can’t live without your partner. 

3. Make the decisions and be responsible

On many occasions insecure people must learn to live without a partner. For this they have to stop delegating their responsibility or decision making to others and do it for themselves. Starting to take control of your life should be done gradually, that is, with small decisions. 

4. Identify your obsessive or negative thoughts

This attitude is vital to be able to gain both personal independence and high self-esteem in our lives. In many cases, people say ‘I can’t live without you’ because they don’t feel capable of controlling their mentality and their negative thoughts. Start by trying to identify, accept, and rationalize them through more positive logic. Think and ask yourself if depending on someone else is beneficial to you. 

5. Let go of idealistic expectations

Nobody is perfect and your partner is no exception. The Insecure people tend to put their lovers on a very high pedestal. It is for this reason that they tend to have thoughts that they can’t live alone. Therefore, you must identify that you are living in a love fantasy that harms you and stop thinking of the other as perfect. The first step will be to see your flaws without justifying them. 

6. Don’t give your all for the other person

Always being there for the other does not mean loving your partner more. This is a clear difference between love and attachment. Obviously you must be there on many occasions to help the person you love, but you should not guide your whole life to it. Have your own goals and work on them, this will make the two of you evolve both personally and as a couple.

7. Eliminate control over your partner

When you focus your life on the abusive control of your lover, you waste a lot of time and you are not dedicating yourself to what is truly important: self development. Every time you have the need to control the other, think of a goal or goals that you want in your life and get to it.

Insecure people in a relationship often have the urge to express thoughts like ‘I can’t live without you’. In these cases, it is essential to see the reason for these feelings of dependency and begin to heal yourself from the inside to be able to live real love. You should be able to live without your partner, even if you don’t want to. Self-love is more important than your bond with others. 

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