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Who says you can’t look stylish, gorgeous and sexy with that baby bump. Of course, you can. Wearing the right maternity clothes is as important as taking good care of yourself (and your unborn baby) during pregnancy. To wear right, you need to choose right.Here are some tips to help you chose the right maternity clothes.

Get that Confident Look

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Gone are the days when pregnant women wear shapeless tent-like dresses and tops. Well, it was good while it lasted but not anymore. Look for maternity clothes that enhance and flatter your features and glowing look.Compliment your outfit with a couple of accessories, such as jewellery and scarves. Go for comfortable footwear too. Remember to always go for stuff you can use again after pregnancy.

Get Clothes That Grow With Your Body

At the outset of pregnancy, it’s impossible to tell how much weight you would gain during the pregnancy. You may end up buying clothes that are either too tight for your growing bump or too loose. It is, therefore advisable to buy skirts or pants with elastic or adjustable waist bands. Get dresses with extra pleats as well as wrap-style tops and dresses because they can be adjusted to fit growing bump. Go for stretchable fabrics such as Lycra or cotton jersey. For those who don’t like the feel of a waistband, there are special maternity trousers with low-rise style.


Don’t Buy in Advance

Your weight progresses at different stages of your pregnancy. It’s advisable, therefore, not to shop for maternity clothes in advance. To ensure your clothes are well-fitting and comfortable, buy them as your pregnancy progresses. Alternatively, you can go for adjustable clothes (as earlier mentioned).

Cloth Size Remains Constant

The size of your clothes (before pregnancy) wouldn’t change because of your bulging tummy. Manufacturers of maternity clothes expand their clothes a little in the tummy and busts areas without tampering with the original size of the clothes. For multiple pregnancies, however, you may have to choose a slightly bigger size.

Give Your Breasts Good Support

During pregnancy, your breasts can grow by up to three cup sizes. Choosing the right bra is very important because an incorrect bra size can cause back pain. It’s therefore, necessary that you give your breasts adequate support by choosing a good maternity bra. This will enhance your posture, confidence and comfort.

Get Comfortable Underwear

Choose panties designed to fit under your bump or larger ones that can go over your bump. Whatever the design, choose ones that are really comfortable. For tights, go for ones with reinforced toes and comfortable waistbands.

Buy According to the Season

In hot weather, it’s ideal to wear cotton, linen or any other light fabric. For rainy or cold weather conditions, wear warm, loose and soft woollen maternity clothes that are comfortable. No matter the weather condition, choose fabrics that allow your skin to breath.  Cotton fabrics are preferred over synthetic ones.

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