How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Being in a relationship can sometimes be challenging especially when you have to deal with being far away from your partner. For many it may seem impossible, but it is possible to be in a long-distance relationship and still be happy. You may imagine that distance is the privilege of only a few couples but you can also make your relationship work regardless of the distance.

Many people have had long-distance relationships in dating, courtship and even marriage and they are still growing stronger. A key prerequisite is the willingness of both parties to make it work. Yes, waiting and hoping could be tiring but waiting for the right person is worth all the time. 

Below are important tips for you to be successful with your long-distance dating and not regret every minute of waiting. You will find it difficult, but if you love the person it will be completely worth it.

1. Build trust and maintain it 

It is impossible to date from a distance without trusting each other. Trust will be the basis of a long-distance relationship, so before taking on this adventure, it is best to review how much you trust your partner. 

Know that you will have to make progress in life. Life doesn’t stop during this period of distant dating, you need to participate in parties, birthdays of friends, weddings of family members, graduations and so many other celebrations without each other’s presence.

It is important to have confidence not to deprive yourself of these moments and also not demand that the other deprive themselves, simply because you are jealous. In addition to building trust, you have to maintain it. 

2. Create quality time for your partner 

One of the hardest parts of a long-distance relationship can be keeping up with each other. This problem is even more complicated in situations where partners are in different time zones or countries. 

That notwithstanding, it is important to plan to have quality time. Where you can dedicate yourself exclusively to the relationship. This time is important to talk about everyday life and share the difficulties you are facing in having the person you love far away.

Ensure you don’t just dedicate the time you have left in the day, that is, the rest of the day or night when you are already so tired that you can barely have a good conversation. Be intentional and create a space for your partner in your daily routine. It is also important to have a lot of understanding that your lives are different and that you may not always have the best experience you desire. 

3. Be present in the small details of everyday life 

To maintain romance, it is also important to make an effort to be present in the person’s daily life. This can be done with small gestures, but it has great value. Invest in emails, messages, small gifts that can be sent by mail and even old letters. 

Of course, this is not the same as being present, but it will help to fill the emptiness the person you love feels without having you by their side. Take the opportunity to give greater relevance to dates that are special to you, such as your anniversary or the day you got engaged. 

The important thing is to move to show your love in the small details and not settle for the rush of everyday life.

4. Visit each other regularly 

Living at a distance is complicated, so visiting each other regularly is very important. Of course, in some cases like when both parties are in different countries, visiting frequently is almost impossible. Visiting when the distance is too great can be very difficult for some people, but it is important that both sides make an effort to make these visits happen.

It is also important that you make a schedule for the visits that you are able to fulfill. So you don’t run the risk of frustrating the expectations of either party. Women, in particular, do not get along with unforeseen events, for them, scheduled visits need to be carried out as agreed.

A surprise visit can also play a great role. It is certainly an opportunity to demonstrate how much you love the other person. In order not to have a surprise visit frustrated, it is important to choose the period well and make sure that the other person does not have any scheduled appointments.

5. Avoid having arguments over the phone

An important point for those who want to have a healthy distance dating is to avoid arguments and fights over the phone. They can erode the relationship and bring down everything you’ve been building so hard. Over the phone most people say what they shouldn’t and end up not mincing the words and it can hurt one side.

Take advantage of the little time you have to do good things, leave the more serious conversations to be done in person. If there is an issue that cannot be left out, it is important to measure the words carefully and be careful not to damage your relationship with unnecessary fights.

As earlier said, being in a long distance relationship is not always easy but you can have a very happy distance dating by putting these tips into practice. Be sure to take this time to mature as a couple and get to know each other even more, all this can be achieved with good conversations and quality time. 

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