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Breastfeeding can be very hard, especially for women who are doing it for the first time. Research has actually shown that 80% of women who breastfeed experience sore nipples. Alcohol has said to have been used to treat sore nipples for many years and probably till today, it is considered one of the best remedies for the condition. But we cannot recommend it.

According to another study conducted by La Trobe University, 80% of women who give birth for the first time experience sore nipples and up to 58% experience nipple damage at the end of the day. This has made breastfeeding very stressful for a large number of women around the globe.

As a matter of fact, a larger percentage of women who actually stop breastfeeding say they did that because they just couldn’t bare the pain that comes with breastfeeding. This has created fear in many women, especially those who are yet to give birth.

Breastfeeding is something that you need to learn. In fact, there are hospitals that provide antenatal breastfeeding classes and you can join group discussions on breastfeeding to learn more.

Depending on where you deliver from, you hospital will ensure that all the important policy are put in place to protect and promote breastfeeding.

This includes ensuring that the hospital`s staff is trained on how to help and handle breastfeeding women. A larger percentage of women experience nipple pain during the first week after giving birth.

However, for most of them, the pain disappears as they continue breastfeeding. Only 20% of women continue experiencing pain up to the 8th week of breastfeeding.

In cases where the baby cannot be completely supported by the mother`s milk, she or he is given a formula. In some cases, the mother`s milk is supplemented by the formula where as in other cases, the formula is used alone.

It is important to breastfeed newly born kids because it’s the only thing that their stomachs can support at the moment. Newly born kids are also hard-wired on breastfeeding. While you will read thousands of advice from baby care book, the reality is that you will find that in many cases you don’t relate to what is being said.

Breastfeeding is basically aided by many things. You social, political, cultural and personal factors greatly contribute to breastfeeding. Some cultures permit breastfeeding for a particular period of time and thereafter, the child is fed with other types of food.

You should also get support from your family and hospital. Getting help is very important in breastfeeding. You could be experiencing problems with breastfeeding, which could be soreness of your nipples. When you seek help from the hospital, you`ll be given the right medicines that will not affect the baby and will prove an immediate effect.

Your family and friends will also provide the necessary support for you to breastfeed in the most hygienic way possible. Newborn babies are affected by bacteria and flagellates in their stomachs.  Breastfeeding should be so hard after getting all the necessary help.

As a matter of fact, women who have had more than one baby find it easy to breastfeed because they have been doing it again and again. And just like you, their first time experience was hard.

Women need to be assured that they can achieve comfortable and successful breastfeeding. It does not matter whether they are doing for the first time or not.

The main solution to this is however getting help from all possible sources, but most importantly from the hospital. In case of any complications that result from breastfeeding, always feel free to conduct a doctor.


Bayo Ajibola

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