How To Make Mom Friends

Bayo Ajibola

Motherhood can get really lonely sometimes, which is why it’s important to have friends as a parent. And as much as you’d like to still keep in tough with your single friends or those without kids, the truth is, sometimes you won’t have time for them life changes once you have children. You’ll be busy raising tiny human beings and that can take a lot out of you, which is why many moms find it easier and convenient to make friends with other moms that understand what you’re going through.

But the whole experience of meeting new mom friends might make you feel as if you’re in high school again, trying to figure out who to sit with at lunch. Here are a few tips on how to make new mom friends without feeling overwhelmed by the whole process:

  1. Get Out There

You’re not going to make any friends if you don’t put yourself out there, which means you need to go out and seek mom friends out. Many moms like going to the playground and chitchatting with moms to see if they click. But thanks to the Internet, you can easily search for mom groups in your area and see what comes up. Or you can sign up for baby and kid’s classes in your neighborhood to meet other moms in the area.


  1. Speak Up

If you want mom friends, you’re going to have to speak up and make the first move. Instead of waiting for a mom to start talking to you, start the conversation about asking how old their child is and then just go from there. Or you can compliment her on her stroller, diaper bag or even her kid, just make sure it’s sincere.


  1. Connect

Once you’ve started chatting and you too seem to click, ask her if she’d like to keep in touch to schedule play dates. You don’t even need to get her number and just friend her on social media. This way you can easily start chatting about the play date and then schedule it for the future. Plan something at the park, library or even at each other’s homes if you’d like.


  1. Trial and Error

Even though you both are moms with kids the same age doesn’t mean you’re going to be best buddies.  Making mom friends is sort of a trial and error process as you figure out if you guys connect and can be friends with things to talk about besides your kids. Be realistic with your goals and by putting in the effort, you’re bound to find a true mom friend.

Bayo Ajibola

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