How to Make Nigerian Moin Moin ( Bean Cake)

Bayo Ajibola
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Moi moi also pronounced as mai mai is a traditional Nigerian food made with ground beans and enriched with spices. It is a common food at parties and festive occasions. It can be eaten alone or as a meal and often times with other Nigerian foods such as; pap(oga/akamu), rice recipes, bread amongst others.

Moinmoin can be cooked adopting various methods. It can be cooked in aluminium foil bags, banana leaves, uma  leaves, heat proof nylons and in bowls.

To Cook moinmoin, you need;
Black eyed/ Brown beans
Bell pepper
Scotch bonnet pepper
Vegetable Oil/ palm oil (by choice)
Onion bulbs
Deboned boiled fish
Stock cubes
Water(as needed)
Salt to taste.
For further understanding on cooking moinmoin, see the video..

Bayo Ajibola

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