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How to Manage Teen Acne (Pimple)

Teenage years strike with a vengeance mostly due to the churning hormones that are usually all over the place. This makes this group of adolescents worry about everything from school grades and social life to coping with their parents.

Most teens are unlucky because these raging hormones coupled with other factors causes pimples commonly referred to as acne, to erupt all over their body. The most affected parts are face, chest, upper arms and back.

Acne on face is especially traumatizing as it makes one to feel too self-conscious and singled out.  As a parent therefore, it is your duty to help them not only to deal with it psychologically but also physically.

As a parent, you want to be keen as their sense of awareness especially to their bodies and the opposite sex is awakened at this time. You will notice them spending more time on how they look; from clothes, to make up.

What causes acne in teens?

The raging hormones notwithstanding, there are a myriad of other acne causes some of which can be easily prevented.  Amy J. Derick, MD, a dermatologist in the UK who is board-certified says that the skin becomes oilier due to these hormones affecting the sebaceous glands.

The extra-oily skin then leads to clogged pores which consequently lead to the eruption of pimples. Other contributing factors to teen acne include:

o   Vigorously and frequently scrubbing the skin while washing it.

o   Using hair and skin products that are oily.

o   Constantly picking and squeezing of pimples.

o   Teen acne in the family history.

o   Stress.

How to treat acne

Dr. Derick suggests that for starters, the face should be washed twice a day, more than that can do more harm than good.  Make up should be limited too, therefore as a parent; you want to ensure your teen goes easy on the concealer and foundation. These make the acne worse as they clog the pores more and might introduce dirt and bacteria to the pimples.

Over the counter topical treatment can help get rid of slight breakouts and blemishes that come with pimples. Gels, facial washes and moisturizers that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid help kill bacteria, unclog pores and speed up cell turnover.

However for the more serious acne, Derick advises that treatment should be specifically based on the type and severity of the issue. If you notice the acne is becoming problematic, you might want to consult a dermatologist for a treatment regimen that is individualized.

No more trial and error as a board certified dermatologist can quickly diagnose your teen’s skin problem and effectively recommend the optimal treatment. A time frame will also be predicted so that if no improvement is noted, new medication will be prescribed. Patience and dedication to the prescribed routine should be exercised to notice some change Derick notes.


Teenagers today needn’t worry too much about acne as there are so many treatment options available for them. Help your teen cope by getting them the necessary medical attention when the pimples appear to be out of control.

If left untreated, such acne leads to scarring after the pimples clear; this negatively scars your teen from the inside out. Their confidence decreases drastically making them shy and withdrawn especially if they face ridicule from their peers due to this ailment.

Meanwhile, make sure to talk to your child and make them understand that the situation is not permanent but is a stage in the growth cycle that can be overcome. Leaving them to their own devices might lead to lifelong effects like being shy around people therefore; you want to monitor them closely.

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