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How to prepare for an unexpected birth

You always expect that the baby will come at the time the doctor predicted. It doesn’t always happen like that. Such an occurrence could set you off in a panic and rightfully so. You were not really psychologically prepared for this but it’s here now. What to do?

Take it easy

Asking too much you say? You have to keep your cool to get through this. Make a conscious effort to breathe like you learnt in Lamaze classes or even in the movies. This will help you relax and think better.

Call for help

Dial an emergency number or a doctor and explain to them what is going on. They will give you some tips to help you through this process before the medical personnel get there. If you are too far from any hospital the doctor may have to take you through the delivery process on the phone.

If you are alone ask a friend to come help you just in case you are worried about doing it alone.

Assemble some towels

You will need warm towels for receiving the baby.  They have to be clean and soft. If they aren’t soft enough you can use some of your own clean clothes. Place one of the towels under you as you sit propped up and keep the rest nearby.

If you can get to the shower curtain even better. It will help protect the floor from the blood and moisture but that’s probably the last thing on your mind.

Don’t push immediately you get the urge

Make sure that you are seated or lying down during this process because if you are standing up the baby might fall and hit itself on something.

Pushing too soon may cause you to rupture some of the soft tissues down there. If you feel the urge to push hold it back by breathing deeply or lying on your left side. Don’t worry; you will be able to sit back up once the contraction passes.

Try to time your contractions so that you know how close you are to delivering. The baby’s head should ease out by itself slowly and then you can begin pushing so as to get the shoulders and body out.

Umbilical cord

Be careful not to break it because that’s the baby’s oxygen supply. You can still give birth if it is wrapped around the baby’s neck since it’s usually not that tight. If it is reducing the space thus interfering with the delivery you should carefully lift it over the baby’s head.

Once the baby is out make sure it is breathing. Put it on your knee facing down and rub its back. Keep it warm with the blankets and holding them close. You just brought forth a life!

Bayo Ajibola

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