How To Prepare Ikokore

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How To Prepare Ikokore. Ikokore recipe – How to Make Ikokore. -Water Yam Pottage

Ikokore, Water yam pottage, is a popular meal amongst the Ijebu people of Ogun state. Most people call it Ikokore, while some others call it Ifokore. This dish is not only yummy, but also delicious and takes little time to prepare.

Acording to Vanguard:

‘Water yam can slow down the ageing process and boost the immune system, a nutritionist, HajiyaJummai Abdul, has said. Abdul said water yam was good for diabetic patients because it contained fibre, a substantial amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C and helped to suppress blood sugar.’

Water yam, which belongs to the family of dioscoreaalata specie of yam, is a tuberous root vegetable. The nutritionist also said the‘high fiber content in water yam could be used to manage pile (hemorrhage) and constipation. The fresh roots of water yam contain good amount of antioxidant and Vitamin C. The vitamin C in water yam plays so many roles in anti-ageing, immune function, wound healing and bone growth.’

“Also, it contains small amount of vitamin E and beta-carotene level. The tubers are in deeded one of the vegetable rich sources that has a lot of minerals, like copper, it has calcium, it contains potassium, iron and also phosphorus; these are all essential elements contained in water yam. “It’s good for diabetic patients; it suppresses the blood sugar because of the high fibre content.’’

Abdul, also made it known that water yam is a good source of the Vitamin B complex and energy, among others.

Having detailed the health benefits of this wondrous tuber, here is all what we need to make Ikokore and of course how to prepare this sumptuous meal. This is How To Prepare Ikokore


  • 1 medium size water yam
  • 7 medium chunks Beef/chicken/turkey
  • 5 pieces tripe (sharki)
  • 4 medium size dry fish (shawa)
  • 2 cooking spoon palm oil
  • 2 tbsp. Fresh ground pepper
  • 2 tbsp. crayfish
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste


  • Cut your Water yam in chunks
  • Peel, rinse and grate into a bowl. You should be careful when grating due to the slimy nature of the wateryam.
  • Add palm oil to a boiling water, add your pieces of meat/chicken or turkey and fishes and all the obstacles you like, add crayfish too and blended pepper add salt and bouillon cube knorr cube and salt, just a bit. If you have stock, then you may not need to add salt and bouillon. Allow to boil
  • When it is boiling, take out the pieces of fish/meat etc as many as you can, if you don’t do this, when the Ikokore is done cooking the pieces of fish/beef will be stuck at the bottom of the pot. I added smoked catfish, gizzard, beef, sawa
  • After taking out the fishes and beef/chicken or turkey, add a bit of  knorr cube and some salt to the grated wateryam and mix it, because it is going to be in lumps you want it to have some taste.
  • Start adding lumps of wateryam to the boiling pot (if the water is hot enough the balls of wateryam should float)
  • Cover and allow to cook for about 10 minutes,
  • Now add the pieces of fish/beef you took out earlier and sprinkle on some ground crayfish and chopped fresh peppers (atarodo). This gives it a lot of flavour.
  • you don’t need to mix the ikokore when cooking at all. Just let it cook.

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