How To Prepare Miyan Kuka

Bayo Ajibola
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Good morning to all our ladies, most especially the northerners amongst us. Today we will be teaching those of us who know nothing about this delicious meal,  how to prepare it.

Miyan Kuka, also known as Luru Soup or baobab leaf soap,  is a northern staple delicacy. The Baobab trees can be found virtually everywhere in the Northern part of Nigeria and Northerners make use of the dried tree leaves in making this soup.

Ingredients needed:

(1)/1/2 Cup of Baobab Leaf Powder (Kuka)

(2) Bone-in Beef (Nama da Kashi)

(3) 1 Large Dried Catfish (Busheshen Kifi)

(4) 1 Medium Sized Onion (Albasa)

(5) 1 Beef Stock Cube

(6) 1/4 Cup Fresh Locust Beans or 2 Caked Disks (Dawadawa)

(7) 1 Tablespoon Fresh Ginger (Cita)

(8) 1-2 Scotch Bonnets (Atarugu)

(9) 1/4 Cup Crayfish

(10)/1 Cooking Spoon Palm Oil (Mai Ja)

(11) Salt to taste. (Gishiri)


Before making this meal, here are 5 things that must be done.


  • Soak the dry cat fish in some cool or lukewarm water. When soft, clean thoroughly and debone.
  • Grind the crayfish and locust beans [dawadawa] with a spice/coffee grinder.
  • Grind or pound the pepper.
  • Cut the onion into big chunks. I use chunks of onion when I want the flavour of onion but not pieces of onion in what I am cooking.
  • Boil some water and set aside,possible you might be needing it

Doing this, better brings out the flavour in the soup.



First, wash beef, place in pot and boil. Add some chopped onions, salt and stock cube. Ensure you do not add water at the start of the boiling process, it is very important that you wait for the beef to cook in its own juices before adding water to it. Cook beef for 30 minutes.

While your beef is cooking, remove the bones from your fish, shred the dried cat fish and soak in hot water for about 10 minutes. Next, you drain the water from the fish, then rinse with cold water.

When your beef has boiled for about 30 minutes, add some more water to the pot. The amount of water added determines the quantity of your soup. Next, add your locust beans dawadawa paste, dried fish and palm oil. Add more seasoning as desired and just let it cook for another 30 minutes. This cooking allows your beef become tender bring together the flavors of all the ingredients.

After 30 minutes, remove all the beef , large chunks of fish into a large bowl. This is a must if you want a lump free soup. Doing this allow you enough space to easily whisk in the Kuka.

Its time to whisk in the Kuka. With  ladle, gently add the Kuka a little at a time with one hand while you stir the soup with your other hand. Never rush this step as doing so produces a  lumpy soup. Keep adding and stirring the soup until you get the consistency that you desire.

Final step of making this yummy soup involves returning the beef and dried fish to the pot. Cook for another 10 minutes and your soup is ready. This soup is best enjoyed with Tuwo.




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