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How to Prepare Your Man for the Coming Labor

Having a baby can be so exciting. The reality is that while women have all the nine months to mentally prepare for the coming baby, many men find it hard to accept the fact that the baby is finally coming. This can go along to having detrimental effects to your man, and that`s why you need to prepare him for the coming labor.

Most men find it difficult to cope with the difficulty that comes with having a baby. As a matter of fact, some men prefer coming back after the child has already been born.

According to a research conducted by Oxford University, most men have been mentally scared, and there are cases where some men have suffered post traumatic stress disorder. This is because they cannot stand the hard times (labor) that their partners go through before giving birth.

There are cases where the man is just not prepared for the baby and that means that you have to inform him earlier so that he can prepare himself psychologically. In many cases, you`ll find that either the man is not ready to take up the responsibility as a father or he is just scared. As a partner, you need to assure him that everything is going to be fine because you are the one carrying the baby.

Although in many cases people go through labor without experiencing any problems, there are situations where things go wrong during child birth. In such cases, doctors perform life saving operations or basically cesarean birth to save the baby.

Such operations have been very successful and a large number of people who have gone through them are actually healthy. However, for caesarean, you cannot go through the procedure more than three times.

Basically, such operations limit your chances of having many children and in some cases, doctors will recommend that you don`t have another baby. This is actually the part that scares most men because they can`t stand the chance of seeing their partners go through such life threatening situations. And the fact that they are helplessly witnessing that makes them even more scared.

Here are steps that will guide you in ensuring that your man is well prepared for your coming baby.

  •          Ensure that he is mentally prepared for any kind of childbirth situation and make him understand all the possible outcomes.
  •          Get information from midwifes, internet, books and antenatal classes.
  •          Communicate with your partner. That way, he will be able to tell you if he’ll be able to deal with everything that comes with childbirth.
  •          Talk to him and encourage him. Let him know that is natural to feel scared and that you are going to be there with him.
  •          Inform someone else so that he can talk to him and help him come out of his trauma. You definitely don’t want him to be scared when you are starting parenthood.
  •          Be honest to each other and say things that you definitely wouldn’t say in certain cases.
  •          Just don`t let him burry his feelings. You`ll realize that during pregnancy certain things go down and doctors do all things possible to help you give birth. There are cases where men try to ignore or hide their feelings after the coming of a baby. Therefore, it is important that he seeks help and talks about his fears and emotions.
  •          You should also seek help from professionals on how you can help your man prepare for the upcoming baby. Encourage him to open up to friends who have gone through the same cases.

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