How to Prevent Infidelity in Marriage

One of the most difficult issues for couples is infidelity. It is true that nothing can assure us that the other person is faithful, since it does not depend on us. However, there are things that we can do on our part to avoid infidelity in the relationship.

1. Be honest with your partner

Being open and not hiding your feelings and thoughts from your partner is essential. Share your fantasies, desires and temptations and ask the other person to do so as well, so you can find things that you have in common and perhaps realize a fantasy that you both like.

2. Stay by their side

It is essential to build an emotional and sexual intimacy in the relationship so that unity is made. Staying together does not mean being stuck all day, if not knowing that you can trust the other person and they can trust you whenever you need it. Staying together involves being there for your partner at all times. 

3. Maintain respect and honesty

Treat your partner as you would like to be treated. Many times anger makes us exceed certain limits and then it is very difficult to back down. If you are loving, courteous, and kind, you will get the same from your partner. Respect your partner and ensure you treat them right.

4. Be attentive

If you feel attracted to someone, take the necessary measures and listen to your partner. Understand their problems and try as much as possible to proffer solutions to their problems. Avoiding infidelity is possible if you pay attention.

5. Do not do what you would not like to be done

If you are a person prone to seduction and flirting, think about what you would feel if your partner did the same. Try and be honest and faithful. It will help your marriage last longer and you will be happier. 

6. Make it a point to have details with your partner 

We have heard many times that relationships are like plants that we must water every day so that they do not die. Everyday, remember to offer a token of affection to your partner, a kiss, a hug, a romantic dinner, a flower or a chocolate. All these details can alleviate the arduous path that everyday life entails.

7. Beware

A good physical appearance and correct health will keep your partner only aware of you. Stay healthy, exercise, stay away from harmful vices such as alcohol and tobacco. Maintain correct hygiene rules, take a shower, brush your teeth, put on moisturizer, attract your partner like a magnet.

8. Tell him how important intimacy and sex are to you

Be open to new experiences and sensations with your partner, constantly renew the pleasure of sharing sex. If you have doubts about your sexuality, do not hesitate to seek professional help and spend time exploring and knowing your partner’s interests and tastes.

9. Do not fall into complacency or personal satisfaction

We are all exposed to falling into temptation. Weigh the consequences before doing something that is only fleeting. Reflect on the reasons why you are with your partner. They will help you across better and stay green.

10. Listen to your partner

Communicate with sincerity and affection, this will make the other person do the same. Share the happy moments you have lived together and remember them. Keep in mind why you decided to share your lives and renew that vow of love daily.

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