How To Rekindle The Romance In Your Marriage

Bayo Ajibola

How To Rekindle The Romance In Your Marriage

Marriage is tough, just as being a parent is. Sometimes you’re both so busy with life, work, the kids, and so on that you forget about keeping the romance alive in your marriage. And it’s no one’s fault – it’s just that life gets in the way and it’s so easy to place your love life on the back burner. But rekindling the romance in your marriage doesn’t just make you happier as a couple, but it can also make you a better parent to your kids. It’s important to stay actively committed to your relationship no matter how busy you two get. Here are some helpful tips on how to help recharge the romance in your marriage:

  1. Be Present

As parents, it’s easy to think about 100 things at once, but the key to rekindling romance in your marriage is being present, especially when you’re being intimate with each other. Trying to make love won’t do you any good if you’re not in the moment and are off somewhere else thinking about tomorrow’s lunch or dinner menu and other things. Be present and turn off your brain and enjoy the intimate moment you two are sharing.

  1. Schedule Dates

To recharge your marriage, schedule date night with your spouse at least once a month and stick to it. Hire a babysitter months in advance to ensure that you two get to go out and have some much needed alone time. And try to keep these dates just for you two and not go out with friends. This is alone time for you two to reconnect. If you can, keep conservation about the home and kids at a minimum and discuss things you used to talk about before becoming parents.

  1. Get Physical

This doesn’t just apply to the bedroom, but can include hugs, kisses and gentle touches you provide your spouse throughout the day. Touch is a powerful thing and by remembering to actually kiss your spouse or hug them is connecting with them on a deeper level. No words are needed and this is extremely important during rough patches where there seems to be no time for just you two.

By practicing these three tips, you’ll see you and your spouse getting reconnected with each other and getting those butterflies just as you did when you first started to date!

Bayo Ajibola

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