How To Sow Blessings Into Your Teenager’s Life

Bayo Ajibola

Whenever you hear the word blessing, many assume that it has to do with money and material things. A blessing can be defined as something that adds value to someone’s life and has them feeling grateful for it. It can also be said to be something that contributes to or promotes the happiness and wellbeing of a person. It has nothing to do with money but everything to do with positivity and that is the angle we will be looking at it from.

Teenagers are a crafty lot that can send you early to your grave. Everyone knows that a teenager is a tough nut to crack and many parents get shivers down their spine whenever they think of their own kids getting to that age group.

Many tend to prepare by asking around for all the possible punishments that could work and some stock up on their vocabulary of derogatory words to use. Some may not even make a conscious effort but when the time comes the negative words and name-calling doesn’t seem to end. They are on a roll!

Seeds eventually grow

Your teenager may rebel even more or may not even respond to your negativity, at least not verbally anyway. What you don’t realize though is that those negative words are like a seed you’ve planted. They may take a while to germinate but when they do, you will feel the pinch. After all, you get to have your child for the rest of your life and you can’t really turn off such a relationship (but do you even want to turn it off in the first place?).

It may take months or even years but your teenager keeps hearing those words every day in their mind. Useless, good for nothing, weak, loser, stupid, careless and all those other unprintable words ring in their mind as often as possible. Slowly, they begin to live out these words. Some may not even realize it themselves while some decide to stop fighting it since you, the person whose opinion they care about the most even though they don’t show it, already thinks that of them.

Change tact

What if you changed these words to something that would add more value to their lives? They may be a difficult lot but they still have some good in them. Take the time to find out these good traits in them and praise tem whenever they show them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t correct them when they make mistakes. Just do it with love and don’t dwell on the negative too much.

As you go along you will realize that their habits are slowly changing. You planted a good seed and their character improved for it. It requires a lot of patience but it can be done.

When you speak positivity into your teen’s life and teach them positive habits you are setting them up for a blessing. If you do a good job of it and they realize that it truly added value to their lives they will want to pass it along to someone else. It could be their friends going through hardships or their children when they grow older and have them.

A chain of blessing

If they practice it on to their children it becomes a generational blessing and you will have started that. Times have changed but some things remain true at all times. Speaking positivity into any person breeds positivity inside them and they are more than likely to spark such a fire in someone else too. Instead of a vicious cycle of negativity, you will have started an uplifting cycle of blessing.

Start that generational blessing in your family today and after a few years the world will be like ‘her mother always built people up with her words and it’s great that she followed in her steps’. Teach them to be joyful, helpful, positive, giving and useful.


Bayo Ajibola

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