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How to Understand Your Child’s Personality

Although children are born with their own personalities, environment and parenting also plays a big role in your child`s personality. For those who have different children they understand how different children can be. You`ll find that others are aggressive and very sharp whereas others are less sociable.

How do children differ?                                                    

  •          Socializing

This refers to the extent to which a child feels comfortable interacting with other people. This also involves how a child reacts when he or she experiences situations. Kids who are sociable and outgrowing take a higher risk as compared to those who are less sociable. In many cases, children who are highly sociable are very active and you`ll find that in many cases they are very intelligent.

  •          Reactivity

This refers to the manner in which a child reacts to situations. This focuses more on how he or she handles difficult situations. A child who is highly reactive shows that he or she is energetic but on the same note it could imply that he or she could volatile and very moody. On the other hand, a child who is less can be easy going and calm but at the same time he or she could be lacking self confidence.

  •          Self control

This is the ability of a child to control his behaviors and emotion in times of difficult situations. A child who can control his or her emotions can be easily controlled but at the same time, he or she could be very cold and unresponsive when being questioned. A child who is not self controlling can be hard to control and in many cases you`ll find that it’s hard to make them understand things.

A child can pick any of the above mentioned qualities at a point and time in life but it all depends on the environment. The above mentioned qualities can manifest in either a good or a bad way.

But also, the same children with low self control and low sociability can be a great challenge to their parents. Parents want aggressive children who can make them proud in education and real life situations.

What you can do

When you understand where your child lies in the three qualities, it is possible come up with a clear plan on how you are going to parent him or her. You will realize that parenting is changing; especially when you want to correct a behavior that is so annoying and has been there for a long time.

According to research, children who are less sociable can be corrected by gentle discipline. This is so because they feel neglected and abandon when harsh punishment is inflicted on them. They find it difficult control their emotions and behaviors and in many cases they find themselves pushed to the extremes.

Therefore, it is important that talk to them in s soft tone and make them understand. It’s basically not about your child being good or bad but about understanding how they react to certain situations. All the same, children need to be shown a lot of love and affection.

Although school plays a role too in bring up your child, it is important that you also play an active role in ensuring that he or she is well mannered.

For children who have already gone astray, try to understand them and try all possible ways to help them. And remember that your child`s company plays a big role in his or her behavior too. It is our role as parents to ensure that we teach our children how to survive and navigate the globe.

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