How to Win Back your Husband in 4 Steps

Marriages are instituted with the intention of lasting a lifetime. However, as time goes on, many couples tend to find out that they can’t stay together till death do them apart as they initially promised. This may be as a result of various issues ranging from incompatibility, cheating, lack of trust and other reasons. Some partners may also want to end their marriage simply because they don’t want to continue anymore. There is almost no reason for such people and this can be very difficult for the other party involved. Nowadays, marriage is disposable and some even talk about “marriage with an expiration date”.

Certainly no woman wants to go through this, neither do you. Every marriage was instituted to last forever with both parties serving as each other’s companion and support system. It means that you can still have a happy home. You just need to know how to act to win back your husband once and this is possible, using the winning techniques and much more as this article provides. Some of them include:

1. Find out exactly why he wants to break up

The first step to take is to understand exactly why he wants to be separated from you. You have to know the exact reason. To say he wants to part with you because he doesn’t love you anymore is too vague. If he said that, you need to know why he doesn’t love you anymore, because that will be the real reason he wants to break up.

He may want to separate because he has found someone else he thinks he loves better, or because you betrayed him or betrayed his trust. He may also want to separate because you are not fulfilling what he expects at home or because you have suddenly changed that he no longer sees the woman whom he initially married. There are many, many reasons why he may want to break up with you and the best thing to do is to find out what that reason is.

2. Draw an action plan

When you find out the real reason why he wants to break up  with you, the next thing to do is to come up with an action plan to resolve this. An action plan is a step-by-step way to change the situation that made him want to leave you.

For example:

If you find out that the reason why he doesn’t want you anymore is because you are not fulfilling your sex role in bed, then you need to do something to resolve this. If your inactivity in bed is because you have a trauma, someone in your childhood abused you, then you will have to seek psychological help to end the trauma. In the same way, you will find out other ways to resolve what’s making him want to leave you. An action plan will help you achieve this. 

3. Discover how to be a better wife

The first and second steps concern your husband, the focus is on him, these are things you need to do so that he sees, so that he changes his idea of ​​separating. But from now on, the focus is all on you, things you have to be if you want him to start looking at you with new eyes and never want to be separated from you again.

If you already understood everything you had to do and already outlined your action plan, now is the time to change it little by little.A better wife takes care of her husband, so take care of him, from what he wears to what he eats. Take care of your home, clean the house and leave the clothes clean. Also take care of yourself, dress well and wear good perfume and hair. 

4. Love yourself more

Another very important thing is to love yourself. You need to value yourself even while seeking a reunion with your husband. Suddenly you accept so much in your life, you despise and humiliate yourself so much that your husband has already realized it and today he doesn’t want you anymore because you just don’t love yourself. 

Self-love is necessary for your husband to love you more. Stop making yourself inferior, you are certainly a wonderful woman who has everything to be the best wife in the world, but you will only achieve this when you see value in yourself. So if you really want to know how to win back the husband who wants to break up, you have to appreciate and love yourself much more than you’ve loved yourself lately.

All these attributes mentioned above make all the difference when it comes to winning back the husband who wants to divorce. You need to improve as a wife and as a person.

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