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My husband enjoys raping me, it might sound very funny but it is true. But what baffles me is that I don’t deny him sex and he just last 1 min and he is out .I will be in the room dressing for work, he will just rush in,slap me push me to the ground and sometimes flog me with his belt, tear my dress and just penetrate me forcefully, as soon as he does that he just pours and shamelessly get up to the bath.This has been going on ever since we got married and I have conceived my 2 kids from this terrible kind of sex. He has never lasted 2min, am not assuming things am very sure, he just last 1 min that is all.The day I tried talking to him to see a doctor, he gave me the beatings of my life that landed me in the hospital. Please house is this enough to divorce him or should I just keep enduring ? But till when ?This is affecting me sociologically and am getting depressed .

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