Husband won’t stop telling me I have body odour..

Bayo Ajibola

We have been together for over a year and almost everything has been wonderful with the exception of one thing. Each and every day, one or more times, he will tell me that I stink and smell of body odour

Back when we met I showered every single day, put on regular deodorant each and every morning, brushed my teeth three times every single day. Now I am so paranoid about smelling awful that I shower at least two times a day, I put on new industrial strength deodorant every couple of hours (I have a reminder on my phone), perfume, and I brush my teeth whenever I drink or eat something that isn’t water.

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I didn’t think I smelled bad at the beginning and I don’t think I smell bad now but I evidently smell bad to him right jusyt him? I’m that weirdo that keeps “sneakily” smelling their own armpits. I have already been to the doctor and he has stated absolutely nothing is medically wrong with me.

It has frankly gotten to the stage where I literally shove my arm pit in families and friends faces asking if I smell awful, they all say I don’t smell like body odour at all, one friend actually said I smelled too clean like a lush store.

I am getting so paranoid. He won’t hug or come near me whenever he says I smell. I honestly don’t know what more I can do?

I waited for him to make a comment today so that I could talk to him. It was only an hour after getting out of bed that he said “god you stink” I had already showered and put on deodorant. I snapped and asked what precisely was he smelling because, at this point I’m one of the cleanest people in the world and that if I still smell awful to him maybe we should just break up.

He got all panicked and angry, I finally got out of him that this is exactly what his dad always said to his mum. Surprisingly his dad told him that was a guaranteed method to have a woman never leave you because “she will feel too low to cheat, will love only you, and will always be clean”.

Needless to say, his dad is completely wrong. I am actually thinking of packing my things and moving out on him. I honestly can not continue to live with a man that claims he love me yet treat me and manipulate me like this.I have lost all my self confidence in the bid to just make this guy happy. We dont have any child yet and i am honestly thinking this is the best time for me to leave him for my sanity sake. What do you guys think? Please i realy need your advice.

Bayo Ajibola

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