I am getting old and no one seems to be interested in me.

Please hide my identity. I am a 34 years old guy and I have a problem that is eating me up. It is the issue of a life partner. I have been searching for a wife since I was 29 and up till now I haven’t found anyone. I am well to-do. I earn very well. I am into different businesses that give me money regularly so I don’t lack. I have seven commercial buses I lease to drivers and they send some returns to me on a weekly basis. I am good-looking and I am tall too so I won’t say height or looks is my problem. I have been in a few relationships before but sadly things didn’t end well. The first serious relationship I had was with a nurse. She is very homely and accommodating that I couldn’t resist proposing to her. We dated for two years and of course she accepted my proposal. 

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However, when I went to see her parents to make my intentions of marrying her daughter known to them, the reception I received was very cold and discouraging. It was like an interview session. Her dad was mostly interested in where I was from, the church just attended and also the nature of my job. Yeah, I know that these are questions that are normally asked when people go to meet the other person’s family but the way there were so many questions really made me uncomfortable. My girlfriend even had to try to make him stop but he was quite stubborn. Another thing is that he openly told me that I looked like I was struggling financially. Lol. It was really a difficult and embarrassing situation. 

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I loved their daughter and regardless of the fact that she was the one I was going to spend my life with. I was seriously having a double mind because I was feeling like she was going to change someday. After everything, it didn’t work. Other relationships I tried out have failed. I do not know what the problem is. It has been over three years now and I am still struggling to find someone. I don’t look bad, I am tall and I earn well. My financial life has improved a lot and I don’t lack. Some of the girls I try to start something with are just trying to rip me off and go their way. How can you meet someone today and next thing, they are already talking about the need to make their hair or something else. One even told me that her phone was faulty and she needed to get a new one. She was indirectly asking me to buy a new  phone for her.

I am honestly tired. I intend to find out if I am the one that has a problem or not. How can I do that .please help me out.  

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