I am in love with my husband’s friend who lives with us. How do I let him know about my feelings for him?

Please help me post this. I know this will sound stupid but  I am interested in my husband’s friend living with us. My husband’s friend started living with us recently. He got a job in one company and was asked to resume immediately. Because of that, he didn’t have the time to start looking for a place to stay. My husband asked him to come stay with us for the meantime while he gradually looks for his own place. 

When my husband told me about it, I was not happy about his decision. I tried making him understand I didn’t need a third party but he insisted it was just for a little time and he was his good friend who has helped him in the past. He later moved in and sincerely, he cleared my doubts the first day I saw him. He was very polite and well groomed. 

When he walked into the house he greeted me with his cute voice and also apologized for coming on a short notice. From the way he sounded, my mind was at peace because I was initially scared he was going to be one of these loud and authoritative guys who would inconvenience me. This guy is well-mannered and very responsible. He takes care of my kids like he’s their dad.

It’s been two months since he has been living with us and I am beginning to love him. I’ve tried to control it but I can’t help myself. I vibe with this guy a lot. He loves music and dances very well just like me. We have similar music taste which makes us dance and sing a lot. Sometimes we compete on who will dance best unlike my husband who doesn’t like music or dancing. Although, he usually cheers me up and says u dance better than his friend.

If you see this guy, he is so cute. He has well built muscles and beards. He takes care of his looks very well and uses very nice perfume. He also gyms a lot. It’s not like I want to compare him with my husband but honestly he is better than my husband. My husband is a business guy who isn’t interested in the way he looks. It is always about the money and he drinks a lot. He has a fat stomach and rarely use a perfume. 

It’s not as if he doesn’t have the money to buy these things. I buy them for him yet he doesn’t use them. He always gives the excuse that he forgot. I have tried to make him change but he doesn’t. My husband leaves the house early in the morning for his business and comes back late. His friend has an 8am to 4pm job so he leaves after my husband and comes home earlier. This gives us the time to gist and talk about our day. 

We have gotten so comfortable around each other that he talks to me about his challenges. Sometimes he helps me out in the kitchen and cleans the house. I mean, this guy is an ideal man. Most of the things my husband doesn’t do, he does them without stress. I’m sorry to say this but he is everything my husband is not. He is caring, listens to me and helps me in the house chores. 

He loves my kids and buys things for them. My kids love him and they call him uncle. He plays with them and helps them do their assignment when I’m busy. I really love this guy but I don’t know what to do. I have been giving him signs but he doesn’t seem to get them. I don’t know if he doesn’t or he is just feigning ignorance. Seriously, I love him. How do I get him to know how I feel? I want to have something with him, even if it’s just twice. Sorry for the long post but please advise me. Thanks. 

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