I am not the biological father of my 6 year old daughter.

I am aware that a lot of terrible things happen to good people but I didn’t know that my time would come and not this soon. I spent 5 years dating my wife right from when she was still a student. I contributed a lot to her education because she was not from a buoyant home. Her family was struggling and she always had needs to be met. When we met, she was a great woman and even after spending 10 years of our life together as couples, it never for once crossed my mind that she would ever do anything to hurt me. Just like every other couple, we fight sometimes but I never believed that she would go as far as cheating on me and the worse of them all, have a child for someone.

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My wife and I have three children together, one aged six, the other aged three and the eldest aged 9. My wife used to be a great woman. When I met her, she was my number one cheerleader and she always ensured that we were happy. I have worked hard ever since I met her all to give her a good life and raise a happy family. We started having issues recently but I believed it was something we could resolve just like we have always done. Contrary to my expectations, it kept stretching and my efforts to make peace failed. One night while working on my system at night, I ran out of browsing data and I was neck deep into something important.

I decided to use her tab and since she was deeply asleep, there was no cause for alarm. It was in the course of this activity that I realized she has been communicating with the real father of the children. To say I was broken is to put it lightly. I have spent so much time raising this child. I have invested heavily in her not just financially but emotionally and otherwise. It is even the emotional bond we have built that hurts me the most. This child and I are so close. I love her so much and she loves being around me. From the time she was born till now, all I have ever done is to love, support and provide for her. I am deeply hurt.

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I don’t even know if the rest of the kids are mine. What could I have possibly done to deserve a treatment like this? I have gotten some suggestions to run a DNA test on all of my children but I am skeptical. I am scared because what if they are not mine? I have been married for 10 years, 10 solid years with three children. What if I have only been wasting my time all these years? I don’t know what to do. I have been away from home since I found out  I have been in a hotel since and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how best to approach this situation. 

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