I am older than my boyfriend. Will this affect our relationship later?

Please keep me anonymous. I am a 31 year old lady and I am currently working in a University as a non academic staff. I earn well and I also have other businesses that fetch me money. I am a very hard working lady and I engage in any legal thing that will get me good money. I have gotten to the point where I can confidently say that I am financially stable. I don’t depend on anyone, not even my family for financial assistance. Most times I even send money home and I have been able to help my siblings be financially free.

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As a woman, especially in this part of the world, we all know how a woman who is not yet married is seen by the society. The stigmatization, the bad mouthing and other I’ll treatments that women receive all for being single. I have encountered many of these bad treatments and it has not been easy dealing with them. I am not very young and I have also not been very lucky especially with relationships. I have been in many relationships but none of them worked .

Recently, I met this young guy that treats me so well. So much that I cannot even explain. He is a very good person and hsils from my state. He works in the same city as mine and we are beginning to work things out. I want this relationship to work not just because I am tired of being single or having people make jest of me but also because I want to experience genuine love and kindness. I recently found out that I am two years older than this guy as he is just 29 years old.

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I have told him about my age and he says he doesn’t see anything wrong with that as long as we both behave maturely and respect each other. He seems very cool with it but I am still a bit worried. What if someone talks him out of it or he suddenly finds a reason to want to leave the relationship. I am tired of doing trial and error and I want to give this one all my best but before I go all the way into this relationship, I want to feel safe. I don’t know if I am overreacting but I need help.

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