I am pregnant for my husband’s friend. What do I do?

I need help before my marriage crumbles. I have done something unspeakable but I need a solution. I am pregnant for my husband’s friend and I don’t know what to do. My husband is a very nice man and it hurts me so much that I slept with his friend. He is one of the best men anyone can pray for but he barely has my time. He is always traveling from one state to another for business meetings. Oftentimes I’m left alone with my 2 years old daughter and the gatekeeper who rarely leaves his duty post except he has some problems. 

Sometimes I need extra help in the house and my husband will always call his friend to come help me do some hard chores. My husband has been very close friends with this man since way back and they act just like brothers. Because of that, they trust each other and I started getting comfortable around his friends. When my husband is around, they always hang out together and sometimes he sleeps over in our house. He is unmarried so there were days when he even went to work from my home. 

There was a time when my husband traveled for a business trip that was supposed to last for 2 months. It was the longest he ever traveled since we got married even though he traveled more before we met. I was not used to staying that long without him so I continually complained of how lonely I would be. He then promised to ask his friend to come around from time to time and he did. 

So while he was away, his friend came to see my baby and I sometimes and also bought things for us. He was always on the lookout for us and tried to make sure that I didn’t feel my husband’s absence so much. He came on some days to take my child to school and on Sundays, he took her for sightseeing and we had fun. Gradually, I started developing feelings for him and it was also obvious he was feeling the same way. 

I tried to avoid him but it wasn’t working. I wasn’t so used to staying alone so I needed some form of physical and emotional support and he was there to give me just that and more. It got so bad and we got entangled. We had sex and he spent more time in the house. Even after my husband returned, we still saw each other secretly and kept our relationship private. I loved my husband but I was already used to his friend. I just couldn’t explain. 

We still saw each other and had sex when my husband was away. I am pregnant as I write to you and I am so scared. I don’t know who owns the baby and I feel it’s for my husband’s friend. I haven’t told anyone about it yet but I am scared. I don’t know what to do. 

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