I Am Unhappy, Tired And Confused. I Need Help

Bayo Ajibola

I grew up facing too many problems as a teenager. From being aysmathic to been locked up in Remand Home few weeks to turning 18 years old.

Gaining admission was war. And what happened when I entered? Rusticated in 300 level and I had to start University all over again in shame.
My journey in life is turning out to be overwhelming and uninspiring. This year makes it the 4th year after I graduated and nothing is working. Absolutely nothing is working.
Sometimes I wonder if I am being punished by powers beyond my understanding, but I have never treated others bad rather, I have been a victim of circumstances. Maybe all these troubles is because I have done wrong in my past life.
I try to think of family members I could cry too and depend on only to realize no one cares. To those that have mother and father alive, you are the luckiest people on earth.

I am very sad. I never knew it would be this way. I am going to bed with nothing to eat this night. I have no idea where God’s eyes might meet mine in the morning. I have no idea where help is coming from. I am helpless. I am tired of everything. I am tired and hungry

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