I caught my wife sleeping with my brother. I’m livid.

I know women can be a lot of things but I always felt my wife was different. She has never given me a reason to doubt her or the things she can do but at the moment, my heart is in pieces. My wife of 5 years whom I have two kids with has been cheating on me since God knows when. The worst thing is that it has been happening right under my roof with my brother. My blood brother who I’ve sacrificed so much for has been fucking my wife and I never knew. I gave so much for these people and this is how they are going to pay me back. I toil day and night to make life easy for them and all they could think of was stay at home and screw each other.

I went to work very early in the morning as I’ve always done. I dropped money for food and even offered to take the kids to school so my wife could rest since the previous day was a bit hectic for her. I dropped the kids at school and went to work. I forgot an important document for a contract I was working on so I had to rush home to pick it up. But when I got home, I met the shock of my life. My wife was having sex with my brother in our room, on our sacred bed. How I felt at that moment, I doubt words will ever be able to explain them. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

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Since we got married my wife has never had any meaningful job. I provide most of the money needed for feeding and other bills in the house and I do that without complaining. Even though my wife is an extravagant woman, I try as much as possible to provide for her and make sure she is comfortable. She was working before I married her but after she gave birth to our first child, she resigned. She said she would not be able to comfortably handle her job and still nurse the child. I understood her perfectly, taking care of the child was not easy and I didn’t want her to overwork herself or break down. 

I allowed her to stay at home and we agreed she would get a new job or continue working when the baby is at least two years. I had a lucrative business and I got contracts frequently so taking care of the family was never going to be a problem. I loved my wife, I had a son whom I loved too so I joyfully provided everything so they could be happy and comfortable. I took care of my wife’s family like they were mine. Every month I sent her parents some money and foodstuffs. One of her sisters, the youngest was in the university and I was the one sponsoring her education. I did everything possible a husband could do for the wife. I was never found wanting in any of my duties as a husband. 

My brother lost his job at Lagos and was finding it difficult to cope. He ran out of money and called regularly for me to send him money to feed. My wife suggested we ask him to come stay with us pending when he got a job. He has been staying with us for about five  months now and last month, I was able to secure a job for him through the help of my friend. The workplace is close-by so even when he planned to get his own place, my wife disagreed since we had a large house and many rooms where he could comfortably stay. I thought she was being genuinely nice and concerned, little did I know she was securing her sex toy. 

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I have done so much for these two people and I feel so hurt that this is how they’re paying me back for everything. I love my wife so much and I have never for once cheated on her. Everything I do, I do it for our family to grow. Why on earth would she do this to me? Even if she found me unattractive and wanted to cheat on me, why didn’t she do it with someone else, at least a stranger? Why does it have to be my brother? Why does it have to be under my roof? What have I not done for her? I bought her a Lexus jeep during her last birthday in January. I send her money to shop for herself and the kids. She is using the latest iPhone and lacks absolutely nothing so why would she cheat on me with someone who is barely able to feed himself?

I am shattered as I write to you and I don’t know what to do. I am thinking of a divorce because I don’t think I would ever be able to live with her or face my brother. I haven’t gone back to the house since the incident. I am still trying to clear my head and do the right thing. I don’t know how best to handle this situation. I need suggestions and advise please. 

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