I cheated on my wife. Now the lady is pregnant and is threatening to inform my wife.

Please take a quick look at this and let me know what to do. I know that this is a terrible situation but I need you to help me figure out what to do. I am a married man. I have been married for eleven years and I think I have been a good husband. My wife and I are in good terms but I noticed some bad behavior from her and my effort to change her didn’t work. We have three children and we have known each other four years before we got married. She is a good woman and part of the reason why I got interested in her and decided to marry her was because of her good nature. She was nice and very neat and reasons smartly. I couldn’t help but want to have her by my side forever.

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A few years after we got married, my wife began to change her attitude. She was a slim woman but started to gain so much weight. I mentioned this to her and she even agreed that she noticed the change in her weight. I tried to help her keep her weight in check but she wasn’t consistent. I registered her in a gym and got her some effective weight loss products but she wasn’t using any of them. She only went to gym twice a week and when I complain she would say she’s busy with some chores at home or come up with some excuses. I tried to change this but she wasn’t even helping matters and gradually she started to look unappealing to me and that was how I started cheating.

Now, my girlfriend is pregnant and every effort to keep it away from my wife is not working. I feel this lady is out to ruin my life. She has been making outrageous demands and once I say i can’t do it, she threatens to inform my wife and her parents about the pregnancy. Initially, she said she wanted me to rent her a new apartment and furnish it to her taste. Where she was living was still new I it cost me a lot of money to rent and furnish that one so for her to request go move out of the house was too much for me to process. I later did it anyway and now she’s asking me to take her on a trip to Bahamas and she won’t be going alone. She wants me to go with her.

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How am I supposed to leave my family for two weeks for a trip with her? This has been an issue and I don’t know how to handle it. She is threatening to tell my wife if I refuse to grant her needs. I am confused. She wasn’t this way before. I think it’s the pregnancy that is making her act this way. Thus trip to Bahamas is very very expensive and I have even offered to take her to another location but she refused. Before you curse me for cheating on my wife, know that I have never failed to fulfill my duties as a husband. I pay the rent and school fees and still take care of my wife. My wife is still very happy and living her best life. I have never failed in my duty because I love my family. I need a solution because if my wife hears that someone is pregnant for me, it may break her for a long time.

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