I don’t know whats more annoying…

Bayo Ajibola

I pretty much grew up with my mother. I’m now 25 and my mother who is 65 wants me to stay with her therefore I did. Later last year, my mum and dad did start to get back together and attempt to fix their “marriage”. I’m not really 100% pleased with this simply because I still believe my dad is the exact same old douchebag he was before and he still treats my mum like garbage. (I am trying to be supportive tho, because this is what my mum would like and I want her to be happy) And then I believe it was mid February, they had a massive disagreement and my dad made a decision to just go returning to his own house and disregard my mum mainly because he does not want to argue any longer and he thinks my mum knows better.

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My mom in spite of everything still looked after my dad after that. She would be concerned about his living situations in the middle of this pandemic and she sometimes sent him food to eat. Now… this part is where I am not sure what to feel… A couple of weeks into “lockdown” my dad said to my mom he’s going to visit her. I have no idea what is more bothersome, the fact that my dad will be here in our house or the fact that he’s here in our house and could possibly spread a virus because have no idea where he’s been while he was living alone.

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I decline to give him a hug as he came in the house. And I also refuse to have a conversation with him. I just went out of my room and smiled. I will not even let my boyfriend come to our house even though he is merely like 15 mins away from me. And then there goes my dad who lives like 1 hr and 30 mins. away from us and don’t appears as if he’s concerned by this pandemic.

What should I do? Should i even do anything? Thank you in advance for all those who will respond

Bayo Ajibola

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