I don’t love my girlfriend anymore

Hide my identity before you post. I am a grown man. Old enough to get married and have a family. I am 32 and I believe I can say that I am doing well for myself. I work in a multinational company and I have some investments. I have a girlfriend whom have been with me for about three years now. It has been a long time I must say and we used to be madly in love with each other. She has some good attributes, enough to make a good wife and that is why I have been with her since then. 

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Presently, she works as a receptionist in on company in Abuja but her salary is quite low. I pay most of her bills including house rent. I have advised her to change her job but she has been too relaxed and unbothered about it. I don’t know if it’s because I provide most of her needs so she doesn’t see the need for her to change her job and get a higher paying one. In 0ctober last year, I went for a friends wedding where I was also one of the men on suit. The wedding held I Lagos and I had a great time. 

At the wedding, I met a young lady. She is fair, tall and sounded very smart. I found out that she works with the ministry of education and she was very experienced in the job. We exchanged contacts and we have been speaking since then although no strings attached just yet. I am beginning to have feelings for her and no matter how much I try to get my mind off her, I just can’t do that. She is very polite and comes from a good home. I am beginning to get interested in her. 

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I called my friend, the one that got married to inquire about her. He confirms she is a great person and I am convinced that she is the one for me. I have intentions of asking her out and from the way things are, I have a feeling that she also likes me. The only problem is that I have not broken up officially with my girlfriend, I have been give her dark signals and I haven’t been sending her money or seeing her as I used to. She is getting the signs and has been complaining but my mind is no longer where she is. I don’t love her anymore but I feel like a terrible person for wanting to leave her after three years of our relationship. I don’t know what to do or how best to end the relationship. Please advise me. 

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