I don’t trust my boyfriend’s source of income.

Kindly hide my identity. It is very important please. I am very concerned about this and that is why I am writing to you. I am a 200 level student in a private university here in Nigeria although I am a bit older for that class because I changed my course of study and stepped down. I am 25 and quite experienced. As a lady, I have been approached by different calibers of men and I have also been in different relationships so I tend to compare the different guys I meet and know what to look out for in a man and also in a relationship. I come from an average background. We do not have so much money but my parents are both hardworking and they have succeeded in earning enough to train me and my 4 other siblings in school. 

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Because of the kind of home I come from, I learned to value things and be content with what I have. I have met many rich people including suitors who are very well to do but most times I look beyond you pocket. I need a man who will treat me well, value me, appreciate and respect me and some of the people I have met in the past do not meet many of these requirements, enough for me to think about compromising. I finally met a guy who possessed many of the attributes. He loves me so much, respect me but doesn’t have enough money to sort certain issues but he works and earn at all and he is also young. He just graduated in 2020. Because of how he treated me, we started dating. 

Although he didn’t have so much money, I understood he was just beginning life and I gave him time. He is also an ambitious person. Last year, he told me of a contract job he got, he said it was going to pay much and prayed it worked but later on, it didn’t work. I have been managing with him and I have even turned down many suitors because of him. All of a sudden he started sending me more money than he used to. When I asked initially, he said he just did a side job and thought to send me part of his pay. I was elated, at least he cares about me but it continued. From sending me money he changed his phone to something way more expensive. When I asked, he still gave me reasons. Let me tell you, in a space of one year, he has moved out of his house and changed his car. 

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As it that was not enough shock, what he gave me as Christmas gift was a hair that cost almost 150k, a designer bag and an iPhone. This was what he sent on 25th and he gave me money earlier for Christmas shopping. These things are great but I am concerned because I know the job he does and it is not enough to pay for all these things he is doing. I have asked him and he is beginning to show how uncomfortable he is with my questions. He is making me feel like I don’t trust him but I just want to be sure of whom I’m dating and how safe I am. He acts a bit defensive whenever I ask how he could afford these things. Please, I want to know, is it wrong for me to ask someone I’m dating how he could afford these items? The world is becoming scary and I just want to be sure that I am safe. What do you think I should do about this? Please comment.  

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