I don’t want my son to marry his current girlfriend

I am a mother of five children, two boys and three girls. My family is a very happy family and my husband is very supportive. I love my kids so much and everything I do is always in their best interest. Just like every good mother would do, I look out for my kids and ensure that they are following the right path and they are always happy. My first child is a girl and she is married with kids. My second child is a boy who has come of age. Truly, I have been asking him to settle down but I do not pressurize him, I only encourage him to look for a good lady to settle down with.

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He used to be in a relationship with one girl. We all knew the girl and she was so lovely and down to earth. However, due to genotype reasons, they couldn’t settle down together because they were both AS. My son was hurt but he managed to get over it. It took so much time but he finally did. Last year, he told me he met someone else and even though he has not said anything to the girl about marriage, that he liked her and was getting to know her. I encouraged him to take his time and get to study the girl well so he ends up with a peaceful woman.

In January this year, after the Christmas and new year celebration, he told me he loved the girl and would love to take things to another level with our consent. I told him to bring the girl home so we could see her and chat with her. He finally brought her home and they spent four days before leaving. During their short stay, I noticed that she was not a very free person. She was always on her own and had this strong unwelcoming look on her face that worried me so much. I understand that some people can be reserved but hers was too much.

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As if that was not enough, she never came to help in the kitchen throughout her stay. My 3rd daughter and I will cook and she will eat. She never swept the house nor did the dishes. My husband and kids also noticed one or two things about her. I don’t expect her to slave in our house but at least help out in the kitchen to cook what you will eat. We all told my son about our observation but he claimed nothing was wrong with it. He said when he went to their house, even though he didn’t sleep over ,he didn’t do anything. My husband and I told him to find someone else but he insists on marrying her with or without our consent. I am hurt, what do I do?

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