I feel neglected in my marriage – Mother of two complains

To be honest with you, it is as if I am more of a stranger in this family than an actual wife or mother. I have two kids with my husband. This is a marriage of five years yet it feels like I am still very new and trying to understand my husband. I cannot explain what happened to the connection I used to have with him. We used to be so in sync. We understood each other a lot and made plans together. I don’t know what happened and everything changed. My husband began to behave differently. Lately, when I look at him, I can’t help but wonder if this is the man I married. I usually ask myself if this is the man I brought to my parents and told them I want to marry.

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No one forced me, I willingly brought him home. Now when he acts, it feels like I am looking at a stranger. I have always been made to understand that couples are one and as such should make decisions together. Unfortunately, that is not my reality. My own marriage is probably different because all the things I thought were normal in families do not apply in my own marriage. First off, I do not have a say in the major decisions that my husband makes on behalf of the family. He recently rented out the boys quarter in our house without even informing me at all. I just got home one evening to see strangers in the apartment. I looked like a fool talking to them.

My car had been having issues for a long time. It’s an old car and my husband was using it before he bought his recent car. I take the kids to school and pick them up. I know how many times this car has spoilt on the road. Many times, the kids are late to school, sometimes I pick them up late. I have been complaining about that car for long and I have pleaded with my husband to help me change it but all to no avail. In March, my husband sold his car and upgraded to a higher one. I was so sad and angry. I know how many times my kids got to school late and the negative effects it has on them. 

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After all my complaints, he went on to sell his car and buy another one. His car was even in good health because he bought it three years ago. Honestly, I feel bad that I married this kind of person. Someone that doesn’t prioritize the feelings of his wife and children. It wears me out. There are a lot of things that he does that just make me query what exactly I’m doing in this marriage. Should I talk about the land he bought without my knowledge? He has also sold a lot of property belonging to use These properties are worth huge sums of money. I don’t know what to do because no matter how I complain, it is as if he doesn’t see me and he doesn’t care how I feel. I am tired. I need advice on what to do please.

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