I hate my dad right now and I don’t wish him well right now.

Bayo Ajibola

Good morning Naijaparents,I need your opinion on this . I know most of you are fathers and family people but please don’t be sentimental on this. I was closer to my dad than than other members in the family when I was in university , I wasnt demanding despite the fact my dad was earning in 6 figures. I stayed in the hostel all through cause my dad always claimed that things weren’t smooth when I knew fully well he was earning well. I graduated and I served , my mum was helpful in my service . She was always there when I called, flight ticket and accommodation in the north was paid by my mum. Where things got wrong:::: I rounded up my service hoping that my dad will help me by submitting cvs but my dad collected my cv numerous times and dumped it in his room and kept telling me he has submitted them to his friends while I was quite aware he didn’t submit it. I found out my dad has a lotta side chics and he pays attention to them more , infact he doesn’t give my siblings and I any keep up money , he doesnt care how we survive . My dad pays attention to his sister more than my mum, he doesn’t give my mum a dime . I’m writing in English but serious he is a bad father and don’t pray to be like him in future. I’m 27 but my dad doesn’t care about my future. If I tell y’all hell I’ve been through , do u know how it feels suffering in the midst of plenty. I have received insults ,abuses from persons who I’m far better of in all ramifications but I count it all joy. My mum brought a suggestion to take me outta the county, guess what my dad said imma do drugs if I get there, things are not easy there, he said lot of crazy stuffs .what I’ve been through this few years after service….. Please I hate my dad right now and I don’t wish him well right now…. Shout out to the mothers in the house. Please if u got a mother, respect her and don’t pray to loose her. I have never known the worth of a mother till now…

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