I have 3 kids yet my husband wants to marry another wife.

Please keep me anonymous. I am a mother of three and my husband and I have been having issues for the past four years. Our marriage will be twelve years by August and it seems it has finally hit rock bottom and nothing can be done about it anymore. When I look back at all the things that happened before now, how we got here and the mess my family is in at the moment, I feel intense pain and my heart feels like it will shrink the next second. My husband and I used to be madly in love with each other, we could barely stay apart for two or three full days without seeing each other.

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He had a demanding job so sometimes he sleeps over at his workplace but it never exceeds a night. We used to be so much in sync that we could communicate just through our body language and other gestures but now, all that has gone down the drain. It has been washed away by his crazy quest for women. I honestly can’t explain how he got so much into women that one could almost call him a womanizer. It started four years ago with his female colleague. Because my husband slept over at work sometimes, he somehow got entangled with this woman.

That was the beginning of the mess my family is currently in. They started dating and he spent more time at work and away from home. Next, he started sleeping at hotels. When I eventually found out he was cheating on me, I went to confront the lady and told her to stay away from my husband but it worsened things. She told my husband and things got bad. To cut the story, he started sleeping around, it wasn’t just his colleague at work, there were more and more women as time went by. A lot has been happening which I cannot completely explain here. 

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I have been enduring so much for over 4 years now. At some point I wanted to leave but I didn’t want to raise my kids without a father. He was nice to them so I had to stay, they loved him and he took good care of them. Now he brought home a lady of about 26 years and said he wants to marry her. Guy, I was broken. I am at a loss for words. I have cried my eyes out. I have tried to convince him many times not to do that but his mind is made up. I am assuming that the girl is pregnant but is that why he would marry her. I am really hurt. I have begged him severally not to marry her but it seems he has made up his mind. I can’t cope with another woman in this house, not in the same house as my kids. I don’t know, please help. 

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