I have fallen out of love with my wife.

Greetings. Please hide my identity. I am in dire need of your opinion because I no longer understand myself. I don’t know what happened and why I am suddenly feeling this way. My wife and I have been married for 17 years and we have five children now. My wife is a good woman, at least many people attest to that. She helps people even though we are not wealthy. We are just comfortable but I still see her giving from the little we have. She is also a great wife and mom. Our kids are kind and smart because of her training.

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She has a job too and supports the family financially and otherwise. All through our years of marriage, I have loved her deeply and I’ve never had a reason to question her love for me either until recently. I suddenly fell out of love with her. I no longer love her as I used to. I think it is best to say that I feel indifferent about her. Whether or no she is around, nothing changes. I no longer long for her presence when she is away and this is affecting our marriage. She went on a conference that lasted for three days in another state but I didn’t feel it.

She is beginning to notice but I can’t do anything about. Don’t think I found someone else or I am cheating. No, I am not. I have never cheated on my wife since I met her. I don’t have feelings for anyone else. I just feel indifferent like nothing about love matters to me now. I am not really attracted to physical looks like face, breast or ass or anything else so it’s not about that. My wife is beautiful too and she is very smart. I don’t know what to do. I can’t begin to think about divorce now. I’m getting old and I’m not leaving my five children like that.

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I don’t want to raise them in a broken home. I don’t even want to remarry. I am in my early fifties and I am not ready to go through the stress of falling in love and starting a new marriage. I also think is is unfair for my wife who has been good to me. No one will marry someone with five kids even if I eventually decide to leave the marriage. If I decide to stay, I will be damaging my wife emotionally because I no longer show her love and care as I used to. I am in a deep mess and I don’t have a way out.

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