I have two suitors and I am confused about which one to choose.

I graduated from school two years ago and I have been working since then. I do not earn so much but at least I have enough to take care of myself and pay some of my bills. Since I was in school I have been getting suitors but I never really paid attention to any of them because of my background. I came from a poor home and I was almost the one sponsoring myself in school. I didn’t want any form of distraction so I stayed away from men. I had this little business I was running and it gave me small money so I had to focus on it and my studies. I later graduated and because I was already used to being alone, I still didn’t care about men even though they kept coming and my mom kept pressuring me to choose one. 

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I am currently 29 and I now want to settle down. I have two suitors who are eager to marry me as soon as possible but I have difficulty in choosing the right one. One of them is 30 and stays in a foreign country. He has a lot of money and even though he works as a procurement staff in a company, I still do not feel comfortable with the kind of money he has. He claims that his job pays well but when I look at how he spends money, I seem to be convinced that he is into some illegal business. I am not the type to ask for money but this particular guy sends me money frequently even when I don’t ask and when he sends, it is always a huge amount of money. He has a flashy lifestyle and a pronounced social media presence. Many times I am confused about what he actually does. 

I have looked up the name of the company where he said he works and even though he works there truly, the company is not such a big one and it doesn’t look like they pay him that much to have that kind of money. He is a nice person, the much I know but my major problem is his source of income. I do not want to be part of any illegal thing, it is against everything I stand for. The second guy on the other hand stays in Kaduna and runs a small business he owns. He is not well to do as he is still struggling with he business but he is at least a nice person and he does not have a suspicious source of income. I have visited him twice and I admire his zeal and how he is dedicated to his business. But the problem is that his business is not growing that fast. Many times he doesn’t give me money because he doesn’t have it. He also has to send money home to his family. 

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He gives me peace and apart from the monetary aspect, he is the kind of man I would like to spend my forever with but he is struggling so much. I rarely get money from him. I do not depend on him for survival but at least, this is a tip of what will happen when we get married. I don’t want to be the person taking care of the family finances when we marry. Also I have suffered too much to continue managing when I still get married. Both guys are nice but I really want to make the right decision. As the first child, I have a family to take care of and I wouldn’t want to continue suffering after I get married. I don’t know who to choose. Age is also not on my side anymore. Please, what do you think I should do? Should I choose the man that has a trusted source of income but is still struggling or I should go for the abroad guy and hope that he is doing something really legal?

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