I like this guy a lot but he’s not my class. Should I let him know how I feel about him?

Hello Naijaaparents. I’d like my identity to be hidden. There is this guy that I really like. I would want to have something serious with him, say a relationship that could even lead to a happy ending but I am very skeptical. I like him a lot but I am afraid he doesn’t feel anything for me. I felt he sees me just as a friend even though I have been giving him signs. I want to outrightly tell him that I like him and would want a relationship but I feel like I am not up to his level. 

This is not me being less confident about myself, I am just being realistic. This guy is very rich. I mean he is very comfortable and could get anything he wants. He can travel out and spend so much if he wants. While I am just a low income earner. My work doesn’t pay so much so I just manage. I don’t have enough money to afford the fancy clothes and shoes that can make him look at me. 

We just talk casually as friends but I want something more. I am also afraid that if I finally get the courage to tell him about how I feel for him, he may think that I am after his money. This guy is very cute and free-spirited. Even though he is rich, he doesn’t segregate or treat people like they don’t matter. I really admire. 

Another thing that is discouraging me is the fact that he has a number of female friends he is cool with. He hangs out with them frequently and they seem close too. These girls are like his class of people. They are beautiful, classy and have banging bodies. They also have cars and use iPhones. I don’t have a car or all those expensive clothes. I don’t even use an iPhone, I use a Samsung phone. 

I also wanted to send him a box of gifts this Christmas with a handwritten card but I was skeptical. I later decided to do it during the new year. I just want to be nice to him, perhaps he will take more interest in me. I honestly don’t want to appear desperate either. 

I really like this guy but I am afraid that he will turn me down. I don’t know if I should just stick to being friends with him or I should tell him how I feel. What if after expressing my feelings for him, he withdraws and stops talking to me like before? What do you think I should do? 

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