I love my wife’s sister living with us. She looks so sexy, what do I do?

Kindly keep my identity hidden. I am a newly married man. My marriage is barely a year but I am beginning to feel like I should have chosen better. I love my wife, no doubt about it but physically, she is not all that good-looking. I used to love how she looked before and everything about her until her sister came to stay with us. Her sister schools in a university close to ours thus, she lives with us and goes to school from here until she gets an accommodation within the school premises. 

My wife’s sister is looking so hot. I mean she is so beautiful. She has a fine face and a big ass too unlike my wife. My wife is just there. There is  nothing so spectacular about her and she does not really take care of her looks. Before we got married, she used to take good care of herself. She used to dress well and buy new clothes regularly. Her makeup was always on fire and she smelt good. I always send her money and sometimes I buy her clothes and nice perfumes. She was always looking great and that was one of the major things that attracted me to her. 

I was proud of her then. I always wanted to go out with her because wherever she was, people noticed her. My wife is tall but although she is dark, she is smart and vibrant. I loved her company and I even flaunted her to my friends and colleagues at work. My friends all loved her including my colleagues. Oftentimes they would tell me how lucky I was to win and have her all to myself. I felt great, I felt satisfied and I had no doubt she would make a great wife. Apart from the way she looked then, she was a nice person. A very homely lady and a great cook too. My friends lived to visit because there was always food. 

Now I don’t know how I feel about her anymore. I love her sister. My wife no longer takes care of herself and that saddens me. It’s not as if there is no money, she works and I send her enough money too. To add to that I still buy her clothes and shoes including perfumes and jewelries but she does not wear any of them. She keeps repeating old clothes and she no longer wears her makeup. She acts as if all she was doing was to attract and win me. She dresses shabbily even when my friends are around. It is beginning to annoy me. 

Normally she used to wear bum shorts and sexy revealing clothes that kept me glued to her but now, those things are nowhere to be seen. She doesn’t take care of herself and we don’t even have a baby yet so you can’t say it’s because she is busy or due to childbirth. Her sister dresses well more than her. She is very fair and wears bum shorts regularly. She dresses very well and I am attracted to her. I don’t know how to handle this situation. I need help. I still love my wife but I just don’t like her current lifestyle. I have confronted her over and over again yet no change. What do I do? I love my wife but I want to have a taste of her sister. Please advise me. 

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