I made a business deal with my landlord’s wife and am now stuck.

Bayo Ajibola

I am experiencing intense emotions of sadness, pain, and anger. Although I acknowledge my own responsibility in this situation, I also desire retribution for the way I feel. For privacy reasons, let’s call me Taju. Please refrain from using my real name if this reaches the person involved, although I hope it does so she becomes aware of the consequences.

Three years ago, I moved into a luxurious, fully serviced semi-detached apartment. Due to the nature of my job, I required a comfortable living arrangement, despite the exorbitant rent. I even took out a loan to afford the place.

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The lease was handled by the landlord’s wife, who is a lawyer and an attractive woman in her forties. Right from our initial meeting, she began flirting with me. Being a single guy with a fiancée abroad and plans for marriage in two years, I wanted to concentrate on advancing my career before tying the knot.

Receiving attention from women was not new to me; it happened frequently. The landlord’s wife was no exception. After moving in, she incessantly called and texted me. I played along, maintaining a friendly demeanor, but I had no intention of taking things further. I was a true gentleman.

However, this woman became serious and started appearing at my place unexpectedly. She offered that I wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore for the property, which amounted to a staggering 3 million per year. All she wanted in return was a sexual relationship. Apparently, her husband was also unfaithful, and they seemed like a suitable match, I must admit.

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She complained about being sexually frustrated and shared details of her husband’s infidelity, suggesting there was no reason for her to abstain when she could engage in a “business” arrangement with me. Her proposition was incredibly tempting. However, I resisted because I wasn’t comfortable engaging in an affair with a married woman.

But she eventually cornered me last year when my rent was about to expire, and I had received a notice from the property management company demanding payment. I was in a financial bind. I tried to gather as much money as possible, but I could only come up with 20% of the rent.

In my desperation, I reached out to this woman, asking for more time to gather the funds. She visited my place and questioned why I was being difficult. She assured me that I wouldn’t have to pay anything if I gave her what she desired. Skeptical, I asked for a guarantee, and she promised to provide a receipt for the rent once I agreed.

Under the weight of my desperation, I reluctantly agreed. That’s how my affair with this woman began. She was insatiable and constantly in the mood. It became a nearly daily occurrence. Whenever I asked for my receipt, she claimed she had already taken care of it, but the accountant hadn’t released it yet. She even showed me text messages she had allegedly sent to the accountant.

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The accountant even called me to inform me that they were sending my receipt, but unfortunately, when they came to deliver it, I wasn’t home, so they took it back. I wanted to collect it personally, but she cautioned me against going to the office to avoid raising any suspicion from her husband.

This charade continued for two months. We engaged in intercourse every night. At some point, it became thrilling to me. However, I eventually received the receipt, and foolishly, I didn’t inspect it closely. As soon as I got it, I informed her that we needed to end our arrangement. She refused, stating that I had to continue for an entire year because she had forgiven my rent for that duration and I needed to fulfill my side of the agreement.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy being with her; I just feared the day her husband would find out. Although she assured me that it wouldn’t matter to either of them, as they were both involved with other people and didn’t care. That’s the life of the wealthy, I suppose. I don’t blame them.

However, I didn’t want to be anyone’s plaything. It was merely a means to an end, and I was finished. I love my girlfriend, even though she is overseas. Paranoia began to consume me. What if this woman isn’t using protection and becomes pregnant? I needed to end it, so I told her I couldn’t continue for the whole year.

We argued about it. She cried, begged, but I remained firm. The last time she came, I didn’t open the door for her. She sent me a text warning me that I would regret it. Shortly after, I received a notice demanding payment of my rent, which had now increased from 3 million to 4.5 million, and I was given one month to pay or vacate the premises. The notice was backdated three months.

It was then that I examined the receipt I had been issued and discovered it was a fake. Naturally, the accountant, who I suspect is involved in this scheme with the woman, denied ever issuing such a receipt. The fake receipt lacked the company name, stamp, or signature. I was so foolish not to have noticed.

That’s why I’m so furious. I confided in a lawyer friend who informed me that I have no legal case since nobody should pay rent with sex. He advised me to either pay or find a new place, or alternatively, continue engaging in a sexual relationship with this woman for a year, but this time, insist on receiving an authentic receipt.

Personally, I feel compelled to expose this woman and her wickedness. I want to go public on social media and reveal her true nature. However, doing so would likely result in eviction, and given my current financial situation, I can’t afford to find a new place.

It seems I’m trapped, but I am determined to seek justice against this woman. Please share this post. I no longer care if she reads it. I need advice on what steps to take.

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Bayo Ajibola

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