I met a single mom of 3 and I love her, should I go ahead and marry her?

Please keep me anonymous. I am in my early forties and getting a wife has been quite difficult for me. I have met a number of ladies who are nice but something keeps coming in our way. I have also been getting a lot of pressure from my family, especially my mom, my friends and even colleagues at work to marry. The pressure notwithstanding, I need a partner so I have decided to get one. 

My major challenge as I write to you is that I have seen someone to marry but the circumstances surrounding her or rather her story is one that would make you jaw drop and without wasting time, you would hurriedly convince any man to leave her. The woman I have met is a very nice person but she already had kids. She is a single mom of three and the fascinating thing is that those three kids are not from the same father. 

Each of the kids has a different father and two of their fathers send child support every month for the kid’s upkeep. I was really bothered when she told me this but I have gone so far with her that going back would be difficult. Saying I love her will sound like what every other person would say. I have found myself at peace with her and the thought of losing her scares the breath out of me. 

When I asked her about how she had the kids from different parents, she was very honest and open to me. She told me her story and some of the things she did that she regrets. There’s no one without a terrible past and that is why I don’t want to judge her with her past. I love her and the present woman she is but I don’t know how to cope with three children that are not mine. 

I don’t know how to tell my parents or friends about it. I know for sure that they will advise me against marrying her but I just feel comfortable with her. She makes me happy and gives me a reason to strive for the best in life. To be honest, I have never met someone as mature and smart as she is since I started courting different ladies. She has this genuine interest in things I do and she supports me so much. 

I want to marry her and have a happy life with her by my side but I don’t know how to face or convince my parents. I am not getting younger and I know that at my age I don’t need somebody to stress me or make life miserable for me. What I want is peace of mind and she gives me that. What do you suggest I do? What is the best way to tell and also convince my parents that she is the right person for me?

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