I Never Knew Our Priest Is a Casanova Until I Heard How He Infected My Mum And Others.

Bayo Ajibola

It never occurred to me , to question the life of a priest , I have always believed, that “all priest are holy”, especially our priest , he was so strict , he knew his work more than any other priest, that has stayed our parish . He reprimands, when one do something bad , he acted so perfect that, I wondered , if he had ever sinned , I loved him , but I have never been so closed, to understand the other side of him.

Whenever I see him , walking around the church compound , the glory he possesses, makes me to admire him, he’s quite simply , neat and well educated man , whom I believe understand life and the wrath of God . He was a role model to many people.

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He was a sign of perfection to me , unlike other priest who has stayed in our parish, he enforced a law that one minute late to the mass time , you wouldn’t be allowed to enter the church , until the mass is over , and also whenever the choir sings out of track, he would suspend them , and arranged for, about ten children to lead in the choir, till their suspension is over.

There is a high level of perfection , he wants to attain. He kicks lay readers and mass servers, out of the alter for misconduct and inappropriate dressing .

He preaches salvation , breakthrough, Love and peace, his sermon is something I recorded and listen to, day and night.

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But how he infected my mom and others with the deadly Virus called HIV/ AIDS, is a story I will never forget in a hurry.

Our priest understand the relevant of agriculture , he has Poultry , with about one thousand fowls , he feeds, sales including the eggs and also gives to people of his interest.

As a church which is located in the rural area , the land space of the parish house and church is more than 200 acres of land, which he gives to different widows to farm , in the rain season.

He would invite them , to the parish house, to the upper sitting room, where they discuss in private , after seeing the different plot , he had given to them to farm. And their discussion with him is certainly legit , but reverse is the case, when they visit individually.

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It true temptation may come , but when there’s a repetition of an act , it becomes a character or an attitude, that calls for serious attention and control. That’s why they say , one should not start ,what, he/ she cannot finish.

Our priest has succeeded in luring widows and infecting them , it hurts how people take advantage of others, it peels my heart to watch them , including my mom , queue up to collect HIV/AIDS medicine, at the local government , every Thursday. Though you ( priest) have already left, our village , but the agony , you caused, is something we will never forget.

You did it , because you’re Superior , I supposed, they can’t challenge you , you felt, you’re the God they know, you call them individually to help you with some cooking , then you take advantage of the opportunity , to sleep and do with their body, whatever you want.

After cooking , you will dine with the person and she goes home , never to share her experience with anyone.

There’s how you infected them all, including my mom, am embarrassed that my mom is among those , you destroyed. I don’t think l have any respect left for her, I feel ashamed looking at her. After all the suffering we want through, I had hoped after my graduation , that things would change for good , but now my mom depends on drugs to live. I know all this, wouldn’t have happened if I was at home with you , mother!! , my two siblings are too small to question your constant visit to the parish house.

I Know you did it all , to train me in the university , but don’t you think there is another way to fix all our problem.

I doubt, I will ever stop hearing the weeping voice of my mom in my head every now and then. I pity those widows, they didn’t deserve this From someone , who preaches Christ to them.

His secret affairs , was leaked , when he made his advances to the CWO( Catholic Women organization) leader Mrs Elizabeth Igele , she had refused to accept his advance, then from inquiries she made , she find out what he has been doing with other women that visits him on countless occasion, from the young boy , living with he (the priest).

In name of zonal or parish council meetings. You deceived them , you made it your priority to exploit them , you drained them emotional, you never cared to live by what your preached , you’re care less about the wrath of God , you do whatever ,that pleases , your body, soul and mind, without considering , the harm you’re doing to others.

My mother is still living in pain and agony that you inflicted on her, and I can say same for others, they have been surviving on drugs. Their soul and spirit will continue to hunt you forever.

You may blame them , for allowing such to happen , but you know they are naive and uneducated village women , who would do anything to assist their children.

Our priest left after series of complains to the Bishop of our diocese ,about his incompetent and squandering of funds meant for completion of church building and chapel. He left in shame , I felt for him not knowing the untold story that made some people glad he had left. I Never Knew Our Priest is a Lothario, I never imagined that , but after I had heard the story , I wished he had never set his feet in our village.

Thanks for reading.

Bayo Ajibola

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