I recently engaged my girlfriend but she keeps introducing me as a friend. I am really concerned. What is wrong? Isn’t she proud of me?

My girlfriend is 28 and I am 35. I didn’t go to the university but my girlfriend is a Masters degree holder. We started dating last year and I made it clear to her that I want a relationship that will lead to marriage and she understood me well. She celebrated her birthday last month and I used the opportunity to propose to her. I threw a surprise party for her and also bought her an expensive gift. When I proposed to her, she agreed to marry me and I was glad. 

The problem is that she still introduces me as a friend to people, including her friends and colleagues even after giving her an engagement ring. Two weeks ago, I went to pick her up from work, we met her colleague and she introduced me as a friend. I confronted her about it and she said it was just a mistake on her own side. She is nice to me and homely. 

There was also a day I met her cousin when I went out with her on a Sunday. We chatted and she still introduced me to the guy as her friend. Almost all my friends know her. I have told all of them she is my girlfriend and I also told them when I engaged her. I also flaunt her on social media. Her picture is my display photo on WhatsApp. She is also the one on my cover photo on facebook. I tag her in all my pictures, like everyone knows we are together. But on her side, she looks laid back and reserved. She rarely posts my picture on her social media account. 

I have spoken to her about it but she says she is not a social media person and wants to keep her personal life private. We communicate very well and every other thing seems perfectly okay but I am not comfortable with the way she addresses me. I told my friends about it and they seem to believe she is not proud of me because I didn’t go to the university. I repair cars for people and also sell motor parts. I have many shops with apprentices in most of them. I am popular in my location therefore make a lot of money from what I do. Even though I don’t usually repair cars anymore because I have boys that do that for my customers. I only sell motor parts these days and I have enough time for her. 

Regardless of the fact that I am not a graduate, I speak well and I look okay too. I usually read things online so my English is a bit okay. So I don’t know why she would not be proud of me. I mean, I provide for her. I give her a good amount of money every month and I still buy things for her. Even the clothing business she has now, I was the person who set it up for her. She gives me attention but I feel something is lacking. 

I am planning to go and see her parents next month but I am having some reservations. I have told her about going to see her parents, she agrees but doesn’t show any form of enthusiasm. What do you suggest I do? Am I just overreacting or you think I should go ahead with her. I have invested so much in this girl and I love her too. 

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