I regret getting married – Actress Onyinye Okafor

Nollywood actress Onyinye Okafor has one significant regret in life, but it has really turned out to be a big blessing for her.

The divorced mother of four said she regrets getting married because she entered into the wrong marriage.

“Looking back, I don’t have any regrets because everything that God does is beautiful. The only regret I’d have had would have been the wrong marriage but it still helped me to be who I am today. So, I don’t have even one regret. I am a proud mother of four lovely boys. I have also had lots of challenges in Nollywood. Some producers will tell you that if you don’t sleep with them, you won’t amount to anything in the industry. I was asked to have sex with them in exchange for movie scripts many times and I did not do it! It is not something you come to say somebody did this or that to you.”

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