I slept with my step-mother; Man makes shocking confession

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A man in his early 30s identified as Mr. Moriango has confessed why he slept with his step-mother.

The man who hails from Nyagancha in Bomachoge, Kisii County said his step-mother Emily Nyang’ara started seducing him 2 years ago when he completed his form four studies.

“My father married Nyang’ara after the death of mother who succumbed to diabetes. Emily who looked younger than my father started going out with me whenever she could even go to a nearby shop. I could not refuse accompanying her since she felt secure when I am by her side,” he said.

“Dad works in Kericho and he rarely comes home to check on us. I had just returned home drunk on the evening of December 12, 2018 at 8 pm when my step-mother asked me to see her in bedroom. Under the influence of alcohol I went straight to the bedroom and found her naked sleeping in bed alone,” he stated.

“Emily told me she never bares children and it won’t be a crime if I will have sex with her.  She undressed me and welcomed me to bed. The following morning I was shocked to find myself in the same bed where my father sleeps with her,” he added.

“Despite the fact that I feel guilty, I’m glad that Emily has not revealed what we did to anyone including my father,” Moriango noted.

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