I suspect my friend is having something with my boyfriend

Please hide my identity before posting this and I would really appreciate it if you post this as soon as possible because I need opinion from your readers. I have this girl whom I have been friends with for a very long time. As far back as I can remember we have been friends. We met at the university when we shared a room together. She was a very nice person and it was easy for us to click. To make things cooler, we were in the same faculty although different departments. Although our courses were different, there were some courses we shared since we were in the same faculty. Because of this, we went to lectures together sometimes. Our friendship grew so much that even though people knew we were not course mates, we were always together and could account for each other’s whereabouts. 

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We both graduated the same year and we’re posted in different locations although not to far from each other. The distance didn’t deter us as we kept in touch. After our service year, she moved over to my location since she had greater chances of getting a good paying job. I was even the one that suggested it to her because she was just lamenting that she was finding it difficult getting a good job where she was. I told her to come and join me if she doesn’t mind. She was excited and she jumped on the idea and that was how we became roommates. My Family knew about her and she had followed me home a few time. Before she came to join me, there was a guy I was dating. We met before I completed my service and because he was a really good person, we started dating. Due to how close my friend and I was, I told her about him and promised to introduce him to her. 

When she finally moved in to my place, I set a date after she had settled down properly for both of them to meet. My friend was really eager to see him. After the meeting, we got home and she couldn’t just stop admiring my boyfriend. She kept saying that he was cute, tall and very handsome. She said I made the right choice and advised me to do my best to keep him as long as he remains good to me. Some time passed and because she was living with me, she became familiar with my boyfriend. Many times we go out together and have fun. She wasn’t dating so we willingly allowed her tag along. The bottom line is that I think something is going on between them and I can’t stand it. During my friend’s birthday, I was busy at work and my boyfriend offered to take her out on my behalf. Initially I objected but he said it was nothing. 

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They later went out and didn’t return till around past 8pm. Many other things have happened that make me want to go crazy, but the one that happened recently he bought her an iPhone. Honestly, I can’t even begin to talk about how furious I am. I spoke to my boyfriend about it and he said it was nothing. How can it be nothing? This is a phone that costs almost 200k and you just gave it out to someone and you’re saying it’s nothing? My friend uses Samsung and the phone is not even old. The phone is barely 1 year old so it’s not as if it is malfunctioning. They have been going out secretly because my job is demanding and whenever I speak about it they both say it is nothing. With this thing that just happened I find it really hard to believe. I am very angry. I need advice on what to do.  

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