I think my husband Loves men

I’m not making this up or anything like that. My husband and I got married a year ago and since then, he has been acting in a very suspicious way. Actually we knew each other for six months before we tied the knot. We boarded a flight together and we kept in touch. We met a few other times, had lunch and also went on dinner dates a couple of times. Later on we got into a relationship. One thing I noticed when we were dating was that he was always talking about guys and each time he had someone to see it was always a guy. 

I particularly didn’t see anything wrong with it because he always informed me about whatever he was doing or wherever he was going. And also, as long as he wasn’t seeing another woman, I was fine. I loved him and knowing that he wasn’t cheating on me with any woman pleased me. Most businesses that he was in to were with men and sometimes he wouldn’t come home because he had extra things to do. Sometimes when he got home, it’d be late into the night and we won’t have so much time to talk. 

I also noticed that there were two particular guys that were always calling him. However he always said that they were his very close friends and at some point, he had business deals with them. Honestly, I didn’t read meaning into any of that because I felt safe around him and he never really gave me reasons to doubt him. The only girls he was close to were his sisters and cousins. Then two of his teenage nieces that would come to the house a couple of times. 

Before we got married, I met some of his friends including the two other guys he was very close to. They came to visit him and I would always make food for them. They were really cool and treated me nicely and from the way they acted, I assumed they liked me. I noticed later that they also had the keys to my boyfriend’s house just like I did. I spoke to my boyfriend about it and he said he also had they keys to their apartments and it was nothing to worry about. 

To cut the story, we got married and sex was war. It felt as if I was begging him to have sex with me. When we were dating, he treated me with so much respect and we never tried having sex. We could kiss and do other things but we never had sex. So when we got married, I was thinking he’d be all over me, trying to get quality sex and all but nothing really changed. I was the one clamouring for sex while he always acted like he wasn’t interested. He only bad sex with me a few times and it was when I got angry or made a fuss. All he was good at was foreplays and kisses. Nothing more. 

His friends still came to the house and at some point, I began to suspect he had eyes for his fellow men. This was because I tried a lot of things to make him attracted to me but no way. I wore sexy and revealing dresses, made nice hair and even smelled nice but he still wasn’t moved. It got me really worried and I began to stalk him and go through his phones. I wanted to know if there was another girl he was cheating on me with. However  what I saw was pictures of men undressed. Most things I saw were pictures of men. 

I began to take interest in his relationship with these his friends that always visited and so far, I can say they’re having a relationship. The way the talk and hug eachother is really very suspicious. Sometimes he hits his friend’s ass. I know that guys don’t do that. There was also a day I walked into the both of them barely dressed. They were in our room and when I walked in, they were a bit uneasy. The music was loud and they smoked too. 

This is really getting me worried. It’s about a year since we got married and I haven’t been able to conceive. I am medically okay but my husband barely looks at me. I am attractive physically and I take good care of myself. We are living in peace but he barely touches me. He doesn’t have any problems with kisses, touches and foreplays but when it comes to the real thing, he always withdraws and acts a certain way. I don’t know what to do. I need help. 

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