I think my wife is dating our neighbor

I live in an two bedroom apartment with my wife. We have three children with the last child barely two years. My wife works in a multinational company and she is the assistant zonal director company in our state. Because of her position, she has some form of influence in what happens in the organization and my wife, being a jovial and outspoken woman finds it easy to bond with people. I can’t say same for myself because I am an introvert and as a banker, I do not say much. The compound we live in have two buildings, one houses four flats and we occupy the top right. Then another apartment has eight self contain apartment where mostly single people occupy.

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There is this guy that occupies one of the self con, when we moved in newly, he was helping me move the sofa and other heavy equipment upstairs. He was welcoming and nice but we didn’t talk much. However, he seemed to have a good relationship with my wife. Sometimes when my wife cooks, she takes some to him and he comes to our apartment sometimes when he needs something instead going to other people’s houses. Although the guy seem cool, I don’t have any bond with him but at the same time, I do not have problems with him. I can remember that one of the days he casually came to our apartment, he was telling us that incase we have any opening in our workplace that we should inform him.

He shared his CV with us and two months later, my wife told me of an opening in her branch and the pay was okay. She told the guy, he submitted his CV and was given the job. It made his love for my family increase. He would randomly but things for the kids and they even began to go to his room. I didn’t have an issue with it until recently. My wife told him to stop going to work alone that she would drop him off since he didn’t have a car. It has been like that for almost five months now and she brings him back too. I began to notice a chemistry between them but I still write it off and work colleagues. Last month, I noticed that my wife started coming home late some days. When I ask her she would say she had more work to do or that the guy didn’t finish early so she had to wait for him to finish. 

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Why would she wait for him? Are they married? Her kind gestures should have a limit. Sometimes she comes home around 7pm. We have a live-in nanny so my wife doesn’t worry about cooking or cleaning. How will a married woman return by 7 when she closes by 5pm? Ideally, as a senior staff in the company she comes home by 4pm or thereabouts but since this guy came into the picture, she suddenly had more work to do and stays out late. Why will you come back by 7pm when the company is not even yours or a startup. She sometimes began to go to work on some Saturdays, with the guy of course. I have told her that I am uncomfortable with this but she thinks I’m overreacting. I have a feeling that they are more than colleagues.

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