I want a divorce but my husband is against it

I have been a very submissive, industrious and a very good wife and mother but my husband has failed to see me that way and has continued to act stupidly towards me. When we got married initially, he was very good to me. He treated me like a special person and he made sure that I did not lack anything. He had a business which was just surviving. He was just making enough to put food on the table and possibly pay other bills. When we got married I taught of ways to improve his business. I did my research and we got a good business idea.

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I took my time to study his business and I realized he was making a lot of mistakes and also mixing business with pleasure. I consulted a business strategist who was a good friend of mine. She agreed to help me and she did. I took her advice and it worked. In about two years, my husband’s business was flourishing and he was able to start a branch which I began to manage. This is just one of the many things that I have done for him. Do I begin to talk about how I have helped his family members?

I have been a good wife and he knows it. He began cheating on me two years ago. I have been trying to make him stop but he won’t. He spends his business profit on women and I have told him severally to stop. As if cheating on me was not enough, he would stay out late and drink himself to stupor. He will come back by almost 11pm in the night and begin to beat me. He has turned me into his punching bag. This has been happening for almost 2 years now and I am tired of enduring it.

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I don’t want to die in this marriage. I am tired of enduring. I have been staying in this marriage because of my children but I can’t continue anymore. This man will kill me. I have been at the hospital so many times because of what he did to me. I have numerous scars on my body and I am becoming ashamed and insecure because of my skin. Besides, I won’t be able to raise my kids if I’m dead. I have told him I want a divorce but he said he won’t sign the papers even if I bring them to him. I haven’t left the house yet. How do I go about this?

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