I want to enroll my kids in a new school because I can’t pay their fees anymore but my wife doesn’t agree.

I am in my late forties and married with 3 kids. Life used to be great but the COVID-19 hit my business badly. Now things are very difficult and paying the bills is becoming very challenging. The major problem is my wife. Things are not going well with me and she is not making things easier for me, instead, she is worsening things. She works, although doesn’t earn so much. Her salary is #120,000 Naira and it’s steady. 

My kids school fees are very expensive and paying them is now a problem for me. I told my wife to withdraw them so we can put them in another school that is affordable but she blatantly refused. She said she can’t watch her kids go to schools for the lower class. Bear in mind, my intention was to enroll them in a good private school that teaches well but with lower fees and not a public school. 

My wife doesn’t want to hear any of it. She says her friends’ kids still attend the school and I wasn’t the only one affected by COVID-19. I have been trying to make her understand that I can’t afford the outrageous fees and bills in the house anymore but she wouldn’t listen. 

The worst part of it is that she is stingy. Since I married her, she is always concerned about herself and her stupid class. She doesn’t contribute to anything in the house. Even though she works, she still collects money from me for almost everything. She spends her salary on designer shoes, clothes and bags. I don’t want to talk about the hair. 

I like the fact that she is always looking good but I do not like that she cares less about how things are going on in my house. She is friends with wives of influential and well-to-do men and this makes her go for outrageous things. I have tried to talk sense into her but she doesn’t listen. 

My business is not doing well. I am still trying to bounce back and seeing how she feels less concerned about me annoys me. I want my children to get the best education but I can no longer afford their current fees and she is not making any plans to contribute. I pleaded with her to bring some money so I can make it up and pay for the fees but she refused. 

She is giving me excuses that she borrowed money for a project and she is paying back. Meanwhile she never told me of any project neither did I see one. I am sure she spent her money on hair or bags. My wife is really getting on my nerves. How do I convince her to withdraw our kids and enroll them in a cheaper school

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