I Was Blackmailed Into Having An Affair With Him Several Times So As To Keep My Secret.

Bayo Ajibola

I wish I didn’t surrender to his claws of blackmail the very first time he threatened to expose my filthy secret. How I wish I’d paid attention to my heart to open up to my fiancé before I came to be entrapped in this web of blackmail, deceptiveness and betrayal.

I used to live a fairly careless life when I was much younger. My folks made an effort to save me from this part of destruction but I wasn’t prepared to be saved since I thought I was having the very best time of my life. I moved around with friends that were much like me. We frequent n clubs, enjoyed companies of sugar daddies and do just about every unpleasant things you can think about.

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It was during my wayward way of life that I met Tarzan. Tarzan worksas a form of personal assistance to one of several sugar daddies I went out with. He was always asked to pick me up me from school at that time and take me to a guesthouse where his employer and I always meet every time he wants to have fun and in return, will pay for my services. At times, I spend the weekend at the guesthouse together with the man.

It was on our way from one of these unholy meetings that his employer started having a seizure. I was so terrified, immediately Tarzan stopped the vehicle and tried to revive his boss. He demanded to know if I did anything to his boss. I told him I had nothing to do with it and that he was okay after we left the guesthouse. I was sweating seriously and tears running fast down my face. Tarzan told me to stop crying after he managed to stabilize him and after that drove to the nearest hospital.


On the journey to the hospital, he advised me to get down from the car that he was going to call the wife of his boss to let her be aware that her husband had been taken to the hospital. He said he didn’t want his wife to see me around and that things could easily get chaotic if she does. He suggested I quit the life I was living in order not to get myself into much bigger trouble someday. He promised to keep it a hidden secret between us and will let his boss know about it when he becomes well. I thanked him, got out of the car and he drove away.

I got back to my hostel that day trembling in fear of the unknown. I was so nervous and couldn’t even tell my friends about it. I prayed quietly for his quick recovery and promised myself and The almighty that if I’m able to get away from the trouble, I’m going to stop my wayward lifestyle and turn a new leaf. I was in touch with Tarzan to get update on his boss’s situation. He said he was okay and was discharged a day previously.

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I was relieved. But, my joy was short-lived when I got a phone call from Tarzan soon after that his boss had yet another seizure and died on their way to the hospital. I was very sad to hear about his death. After many days of endless tears, I moved on and give up my undesirable lifestyle. I never imagined that this situation that took place 5 years ago will still come back to haunt me.

After my graduation, I met Desmond. We were friends for several months after which he proposed to me. I was already in love with him. Within two weeks, his family came around for the introduction. After the which, a date was agreed upon for our traditional wedding. Desmond and I started making arrangements for the wedding ceremony. It was in the cause of the preparation that my past came back to haunt me and threaten to ruin my life.

There was a day I went to see Desmond in his office and we agreed to meet up for lunch with one of his childhood friend who was going to be his best man on the wedding day. I was very keen to meet him. I never knew that my fiancé’s childhood friend was my late sugar daddy’s personal assistance, Tarzan.

We met him at the eating place, he was relatively calm and pretended we haven’t met. Initially, I assumed he didn’t recognise my face but I felt uneasy and couldn’t eat. After the lunch, my fiancé dropped me off and returned to his office. A Couple Of hours later, a call came right through to my phone the caller was Tarzan.

My heart skipped a beat as I was able to calm my nerves. He said that we needed to meet urgently and that he got something he needed to tell me regarding what happened 5 years ago. My heart was racing fast as I wrote down the address, he wanted us to meet that evening by 8pm. I really wanted to inform Desmond about it but decided against it.

Tarzan got to the meeting place before me, he had a big cup of beer in front of him. I demanded to find out the reason he wanted to see me urgently. He said that I totally forgotten him after covering up for me a long time ago. He told me he still had the camera of his late boss’s . He asked if I remember ever taking compromising pictures with his boss back then. I said YES with a shaking voice. He showed me a few of the pictures in one I was completely unclad on his phone. Fear immediately gripped me. Out of fear, I asked him why he was bringing this up now and what he wanted. He told me he was prepared to get rid of all the pictures if I had a one-time affair with him. I told him I can not due to the fact that I was getting married to his best friend. I angrily stood up and as I was about walking out on me, he said I had 24 hours to decide, or else he will send the pictures to my fiancé, post it on the internet and then give the camera to his late boss’s wife who will think I had a hand in the demise of her husband.

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I was so nervous that night and couldn’t sleep. The first thing that came to my mind was to tell my fiancé. But, as I considered the harm it will cost him and his family, I changed my mind. What if he made good of his threat? What if I was detained by the police as a suspect in the death of his late boss? If the pictures get on the internet, I’ll be finished. My future with Desmond will be ruined. We’ve already gone far with our wedding plans and I wasn’t going to wreck it. With heaviness of heart, I accepted Tarzan’s demand and we met in an hotel the very next day. After he had his way with me, he promised to delete all the pictures and I went home feeling awful.

What I didn’t know was that it was only the beginning of the blackmail. Tarzan kept calling me to meet him anytime he feels like having me. Whenever I don’t agree, he threatens to disclose all the secrets. Within a space of a couple of weeks, he had me more than seven times.

For how long will I be able to keep up with his demands?

For how long will I remain in this web of deception and blackmail?

What if he finally decides to tell my fiancé someday?

What if my fiancé finds out himself and the whole truth comes out?

I can’t continue allowing Tarzan have his way with me whenever he pleases?

What if he continues requesting for my body after my marriage with his friend?

I have to do something right now because my wedding is barely three weeks away.

I need advice on the best way to handle this.

Please leave your advice in the comment section below.

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Bayo Ajibola

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