I Was Unhappy For Two Years Before I Found Love Outside My Marriage.

Bayo Ajibola

My name is Tunde. I am 40 Years old. I am secure financially. I have a house of my own and a couple cars. I married the love of my life 9 years ago. We started out very well. We were completely happy for about a couple of years. She was indeed a wonderful lady. She cooks good and very well mannered however out of the blue, my wife became something else entirely. And after that comes the problems.

The whole thing started when we were strugleling to have our own kids 3 years after our wedding, my wife started pressing me for a traditionalsolutions. Simply put I didn’t succumbed initially but told her we ought to go medical. We went to the first medical center and I was examined and by the time the result came out, it shows I was having low sperm count. I in no way believed it.

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I ran yet another test and the result came out same and yet another,the result was same. The 4th lab centre made me believed that I am genuinely having a problem. Because all the while, I in no way believed I had such.

Just the same, my wife was tested, she was confirmed to have a slight infection.

I started my treatment process it was for a month and i went back for a test. The result was even worse. The doctor changed my medications and the next result became a whole lot worse than the former.

We needed to change the doctor but the same thing kept repeating itself.

It was at this point that we made a decision to go spiritual. The revelation we got was that my wife has spiritual husband. We started running from one prayer house to another one.

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My circumstances became even worse that I became sick and tired. Then one day, My wife left our house, it was told she has moved in with another man. I went there begging my wife to come back home to me, but all efforts to bring her back was fruitless. Her mum and sisters tried practically all they could but she refused to listen toall of them.

Several months later, I went for a test and everything about me was alright. My results came back very good. I even tried with 2 other practice evry results shows that i was Ok. I called my wife to inform her about it, she pretty much ignored my calls. After Couple of years of being lonely and thinking, I made a decision to move on with my life.

I met this lady and we fell in love with each other. Before we started dating i told her about my past and everything i went through. I narrated my story to her. We started dating. We’ve been in relationship for around 7 months now.

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And all of a sudden, here comes my runaway wife. She came back begging me to take her back. The truth is, I don’t want her any more. I am very pleased with my new love.However my father, brother and sisters, including my uncle wants me to take her (my wife) back.

My mum told me I do not have a future with the new lady. (Courtesy of the vision she saw) They all want me to forget my new found love. The woman that turned my life arround for good. The woman that gave me hope and restored my confidence. They want me to forget about her and accept the woman who left me for another man.

My dad even vowed to disown me as his first son if I do not take my wife back. My father is a very rich man with companies, estates and other stuffs.

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Everybody around me wants me to take her back.

Now these are my questions:

  1. Is my mother- who is a Pastor-, telling the truth about the vision she saw?
  2. If I marry this new lady, how will she cope with my people.
  3. Is my new love worth loosing my place as first son to my father even though she makes me very happy than my runaway wife?
    4 Even if i bow to my family presure and take back my first wife what will i do with the second lady? The woman i now realy love. Will i just tell her to go away just like that?

I am confused. I need help please.

Bayo Ajibola

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